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Twitter Updates for 2009-03-30

Damn you screen for turning on when I turned on the MacMini! I was going to go back to bed…an hour ago. But noOo YOU MADE ME SURF THE NET! # Before I attempt a nap, I started bouncing down Ep 238 of ITRadio. I listened for a bit and was laughing at me swearing. [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-29

ReTweeting @VooDooStevie Streaming PodCamp Western MA Live! http://ping.fm/NgTaf # Ok.. You might get a live feed from @VooDooStevie Streaming PodCamp Western MA Live! http://ping.fm/NgTaf (Wifi is messed up) # twooping # Heading to Target to pick up some things, then coming home to look at wordpress blogs and see if I can use one for [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28

IT’s Friday, therefor IT’s not Business Time… About to change and go to work… then the weekend! # The attempt to a productive Friday, at work, starts…. NOW! … ToT # http://tr.im/hSwB This is some sweet reel-to-reel scratching. @madbeatchemist will love IT # I can’t get this out of my hed or off my G1′s [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-27

I am so ready to go back to bed… Oh well, another day going to work, but at least today ends with ITRadio and DoucheCast! # I need dental floss. # I want to make one of those cool barcodes that are square with dots and stuff. Not sure what I’d do with one, but [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-26

They said it couldn’t be done! (don’t ask who because I don’t know or if it was ever said) I’m going to work with socks AND shoes on! # I was listening to the radio and traffic came on. They mentioned where I was driving saying it was stop/go… I was going 60 w/out stopping! [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

Up early… leaving soon … Lucy is phuckin’ nutz this morning… and I’d rather be dreaming that I’d rather be twooping! # IT’s twoop-tastic Tuesday! #twoop #twooping # HateOfMine09 – You don’t have a life and and when and where do you get off thinking your life is so phucking better than anyone elses? # [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-24

I just tried myself a Butterfinger Buzz… IT contains as much caffeine as the leading energy drink… We’ll see about that! # I’m going to write the 2nd FeedThisBlog.com entry in regards to the foods drink that I love& thinking I’ll write about Taco Johns tonight. # Nevermind. Tonight I’ll be writing about my love [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-23

Today might as well be Twooper Bowl Sunday … ITRadio will be released in the next 20 min or so. # About to make some Hamburger Helper for Bethany and I, then IT looks like I have a lot of boring fixes to do for tings.. # I need the fart machine that’s on American [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-19

OUCH… PHUCK-N-A… my microwavable chicken meal is as hot as some dude selling a Macbook Pro downtown at 11p. # All ITRadio | TourettesRadio | FTB sites are down…moving servers within our host company Dreamhost. Hopefully this makes things go faster! # @phattymcbiff WTF… I said the sites are down… and like you ever went [...]

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-18

HOM09: If you’re not wearing green, don’t ask why someone else isn’t wearing green and get mad they’re not wearing green. # @studiozeroseven Tell him the spiked hair is great and all, but tell him to clean the stairs! haha # Twooptastic Tuesday happening right now! # I had my first pingback for yesterday’s feedthisblog.com [...]