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Getting to the ROOT Of Your Android HTC Dream/G1

A simple guide to help you find information on how to root your Android HTC Dream/G1 phone and upgrade to new ROM builds.

Qik for the Andorid is here! (video demo included)

Android phones have been given the gift of Qik today! Qik is a smartphone app that lets you stream live video for people sitting at their computer to see. IT’s super easy to set up, too. Just download it from the Android App Store, set up a new account, which can be done on your phone, and you’re ready to broadcast. Also, don’t forget to check your e-mail to confirm your Qik account!

Cupcake Is Here and I Am Eating IT!

After months of building IT up, Android’s newest OS update, Cupcake, is here! I am eating IT, enjoying IT and IT does NOT disappoint.