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Graeme’s 1st track using Abelton Live 8 – Taking Subways d.e.m.o

This is my first d.e.m.o track I’ve written using Ableton Live 8 and the APC40 controller. Hosted on bln.kr.

One Handed Update… Proofreading Is Not An Option

I’m sitting, or laying (not sure what position I’m in) at the Memorial Blood Center in Eden Prairie giving blood and platelets (1st time for the platelets).  I’m covered in a blanket, another blanket is over my arm.  I think IT fell off, but they don’t want to tell me…. Oh, I can’t reach my [...]

Where Does IT Go From Here [Part 2-Finally]

The overdue Part 2 of “Where does IT Go From Here” where I brainstorm ideas for ITRadio and Feed This Blog.

Where Does IT Go From Here? [Part 1]

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but when I came up with the idea that 2009 would be “my year,” happened in February/March after finishing the new layout of ITRadio’s podcast/blog site.  In February, when I planned on making a new layout for ITRadio, FeedThisBlog.com was created instead followed by the new ‘real’ layout [...]

New Blog Post, “Where Does IT Go From Here” Coming soon.

Once again, FeedThisBlog is not dead!

FeedThisBlog.com is live! | Feed This Blog_Vid1

The intro video for feedthisblog.com