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My First EP Has Been Released (For Free): Non-Titled.EP

The following 5 tracks run just shy of 20min and can be downloaded from Soundcloud.com (http://soundcloud.com/tourettesradio/sets/non-titled-ep). Please check out my tracks, give me feedback, and pass this post, or the tracks along to your friends, too. Non-Titled.EP by tourettesradio

Non-Titled.EP – 1st Two “Demo” Tracks I’ve Been Working On. #SoundCloud

Over the past 4 days, I’ve worked on 2 tracks for what could be an EP if you want to call it that. I think Not.Track.2 is still in “demo” stages, but Not.Track.1 is finished as far as the “album” is concerned. The only part of the tracks I did not create myself are the [...]

Graeme’s 1st track using Abelton Live 8 – Taking Subways d.e.m.o

This is my first d.e.m.o track I’ve written using Ableton Live 8 and the APC40 controller. Hosted on bln.kr.