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Nususa Live – Free Concerts Streamed To Your Computer!

Do you enjoy live concerts, but can’t afford to go, have plans the night the band is coming to town, the band isn’t playing near you, or they are only touring overseas? Do you ever wish you could see an artist play an intimate show, but you’re not able to go? What if the live intimate concert was brought to you via your computer and an internet connection? That’s where Nususa Live comes in, to provide artists to perform for their fans all around the country and world at once, as well as interaction between the artists and the fans.

The idea behind Nususa Live’s streaming concerts is simple. You watch live concert footage in person, or on video sites like youtube, and you wish you were there OR you were at the concert, but you wish there was a way to have better interaction between the artist and the fan. A few sites have tried this, but they didn’t continue streaming shows, so fans moved on to the next live concert streaming website.

Qik for the Andorid is here! (video demo included)

Android phones have been given the gift of Qik today! Qik is a smartphone app that lets you stream live video for people sitting at their computer to see. IT’s super easy to set up, too. Just download it from the Android App Store, set up a new account, which can be done on your phone, and you’re ready to broadcast. Also, don’t forget to check your e-mail to confirm your Qik account!

Did Audio Hijack Pro Almost Cost Me A New Audio Recording Interface?

For over a year, I’ve been having audio issues with my firewire audio recording interface, a Focusrite Saffire. When I’d do my live feed/broadcast on ITRadio, I use Skype to talk with my co-host Frosty, as well as interviews for another podcast I’ve worked on. In order for me to record both sides of the conversation I would use Audio Hijack Pro to record the audio as separate files, as well as use the Soundflower plug-in to route my audio sources for the live feed. Everything works fine, until a Skype call happens, and my audio going in to the Saffire would mess up.

The House Of 7′s (One Of My Old School Writings)

I was going through my archives of posts/stories/websites the past couple weeks and came across this gem of a story! I was a manager in Independent Pro-Wrestling, known as Weird Cookie, from 1999-2005. I could give you all a history lesson about that time, but I’ll save that for later. I wrote this for my hate towards another wrestler who had no talent, but a huge ego. Horace the Psychopath, the guy who I managed, and I both hated this guy. We played mind games with him any chance we could get and this write up was the “final straw” where he knew he was caught in a huge lie.

Social Media, What? – IT’s a new podcast!

Hey everyone, just thought I would let you all know, I have just started a brand new podcast called “Social Media, What?”.  Recorded at StudioZeroSeven, it’s the first ever episode of Social Media, What?! Each episode your hosts, Graeme of ITRadio (and FeedThisBlog) and Ian of StudioZeroSeven, will cover different topics and how they impact [...]

Lobotomy (demo) Track on

Check out ‘Lobotomy (demo),’ a song that I wrote a few in 2006. ITRadio fans might know IT from the ‘Ninja’s At Ya Coming’ track Frosty and Graeme had moved out of MN.  I’m hosting the track using, where artists can share the music they make on twitter, facebook and myspace instantly. Thanks goes [...]

McDonald’s, I’m (not) Loving IT!

Instead of them eliminating the problem and possibly losing a customer, my order goes into the garbage.

Ideas, coming from places you’d least expect IT… sometimes!

I have no idea where ideas truly come from, or why we have them, but some of the best ideas come when you’re by yourself.

New post coming, but here are some videos!

Here are three videos I’ve been watching non-stop at the moment.

Cupcake Is Here and I Am Eating IT!

After months of building IT up, Android’s newest OS update, Cupcake, is here! I am eating IT, enjoying IT and IT does NOT disappoint.