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Graeme’s Weekly Updates for 2010-08-05

#20H8 – Stop making me slam my head against walls with no give # #tt F10 is not "enter" and "enter" is not F10, no matter HOW MANY TIMES you "think" you pressed it. # IT's lunch time… so yeah! # I'm enjoying one of my last #twooping sessions while I'm still #20H8 # phuck [...]

Graeme’s Weekly Updates for 2010-07-29

If one of the head honchos at work can take shITs at work, that gives me the right to #twoop at work! # #20H8 why are you working on last weeks gimmick still? It's Turdsday of this week… you should be working on this weeks gimmick # So I piss off a coworker for outing [...]

Graeme’s Weekly Updates for 2010-07-22

I have less than 25 days to get a haircut… and get 30 tuxedo black markers to draw on my tux, and drink 100 cans of #MtnDew # Nothing beats loading up a craptastic workstation that takes 10 min before it shuts down… they need to up the RAM in these POSs # Welcome to [...]

Graeme’s Weekly Updates for 2010-07-15

I'm very disappointed in you all! I'm still waiting for that steak! # If #Quiznos is trying to go green, why did they give/waste a huge paper bag for a tiny phuckin' sammich? # Hopefully I'll be broadcasting @RefRobPage's big announcement tonight @ 7p CST since @espn won't! # Whoever Oust'd the bathroom before [...]

Graeme’s Weekly Updates for 2010-07-08

RT @markhoppus: morning breath. my mouth just asked my teeth if they farted. fixing that situation and then heading to the studio. #fb # #20H8 .. I will not fake laugh if what you say/do isn't funny! # I've worked at my jarb for 7yrs to the day… #fb # My toe feels like it [...]

Excerpts From A Cat’s Daily Diary

I’m not a big fan of FWDS, unless they deal with funny pictures I haven’t seen 100x BEFORE they were forwards, or if they deal with pets… mostly cats. Anyway, Bethany’s mom sent this to her… and IT’s true with every cat I’ve known or had as a bestest friend! They’re the only ones that [...]

Words I Need To Start Using Again

I’ve realized I’m been neglecting words that I’ve used in the past, but they seem to have been put on the backburner. The following words I will try using again, as often as the 10 other words I use daily (over and over). Those words: yuppy, klusterfuck, and shniezy. The first two words, you can [...]

To Phuck, Or Not To Phuck… That Is The Phucking Question!

Some say that swearing means you’re “uneducated” and I could say “fuck that,” but I don’t. I have class… I give them an educated response of “Phuck that!” Why? Because using five letters gives me that one letter advantage over a four letter swear! Duh!!!!! Over the past couple of years, I’ve started to shy [...]

Lucy has ADD while stealing SpongeBob

IT’s a daily ritual for Lucy to steal something off of Bethany or I’s desk. Usually IT’s finger cuffs from Bethany’s desk drawers (she has her own drawer full of toys to open and steal from), but I was able to catch her in the act of trying to steal SpongeBob SquarePants off my desk. [...]

Hey Lemmings, Stop Being Sub-Human! (aka blah blah blah)

Love IT or hate IT, everyone has a daily routine. You wake up, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, take a shower… then you drive to work on auto-pilot, punch in, and bang your head on your desk while the lemmings around you drag their feet around the office, as they do and say [...]