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Qik for the Andorid is here! (video demo included)

Android phones have been given the gift of Qik today! Qik is a smartphone app that lets you stream live video for people sitting at their computer to see. IT’s super easy to set up, too. Just download it from the Android App Store, set up a new account, which can be done on your phone, and you’re ready to broadcast. Also, don’t forget to check your e-mail to confirm your Qik account!

Social Media, What? – IT’s a new podcast!

Hey everyone, just thought I would let you all know, I have just started a brand new podcast called “Social Media, What?”.  Recorded at StudioZeroSeven, it’s the first ever episode of Social Media, What?! Each episode your hosts, Graeme of ITRadio (and FeedThisBlog) and Ian of StudioZeroSeven, will cover different topics and how they impact [...]

Lobotomy (demo) Track on

Check out ‘Lobotomy (demo),’ a song that I wrote a few in 2006. ITRadio fans might know IT from the ‘Ninja’s At Ya Coming’ track Frosty and Graeme had moved out of MN.  I’m hosting the track using, where artists can share the music they make on twitter, facebook and myspace instantly. Thanks goes [...]

New post coming, but here are some videos!

Here are three videos I’ve been watching non-stop at the moment.

Bands Keeping Things Fresh During Stageshows

The two videos I’m including not only have the bands change the music that differs from album to hearing it live, but also show bands that can bring a stage show to further the way their music can be perceived by the fans.

The Creation of Emo Jesus

Here is a extremely fast look at how a custom Emo Jesus is made. IT may be boring for most to watch, but we don’t care! is live! | Feed This Blog_Vid1

The intro video for

Techno Viking dances to Strong Bad’s The System is Down

Fresh Pork and Beans of Bel-Air Remix