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My First EP Has Been Released (For Free): Non-Titled.EP

The following 5 tracks run just shy of 20min and can be downloaded from ( Please check out my tracks, give me feedback, and pass this post, or the tracks along to your friends, too. Non-Titled.EP by tourettesradio

Non-Titled.EP – 1st Two “Demo” Tracks I’ve Been Working On. #SoundCloud

Over the past 4 days, I’ve worked on 2 tracks for what could be an EP if you want to call it that. I think Not.Track.2 is still in “demo” stages, but Not.Track.1 is finished as far as the “album” is concerned. The only part of the tracks I did not create myself are the [...]

Lucy has ADD while stealing SpongeBob

IT’s a daily ritual for Lucy to steal something off of Bethany or I’s desk. Usually IT’s finger cuffs from Bethany’s desk drawers (she has her own drawer full of toys to open and steal from), but I was able to catch her in the act of trying to steal SpongeBob SquarePants off my desk. [...]

Looking Back At 2000-2009: The Worst Decade For New Bands/Music, Ever?

**Please note, this is coming from me, a fan of music… I’m not a critic, I don’t like country and not fond of most rap/hip-hop… I could be blowing smoke out of my ass and your views can be, and probably are different than mine** What defines the past 10 years in music? What NEW [...]

Graeme’s 1st track using Abelton Live 8 – Taking Subways d.e.m.o

This is my first d.e.m.o track I’ve written using Ableton Live 8 and the APC40 controller. Hosted on

7 Years Short – MP3 Demo

7 Years Short – Demo I keep saying to myself I’m going to finish this track… and I’ve been saying this now for over 10 years. After 7 years of procrastination, in 2006, I finally recorded what you’ll hear in this demo track. Yes, IT sounds very much like The Prodigy’s “Serial Thrilla.” Was it [...]

Mondo #5 – Background music for ‘Unscarred: The Life of “Sick” Nick Mondo’

Mondo #5 A friend of mine, Matt Burns (“‘Sick’ Nick Mondo”) asked if I would put together some background music for his documentary “Unscarred: The Life of Nick Mondo”, released in 2004.  This is one of two tracks used in the DVD.

RIP DJ AM/Adam Goldstein (March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009)

My initial thoughts on the passing of DJ AM/Adam Goldstein and a few videos showing Adam at what he did best, DJ!

Blink-182 & Dorito’s Late Night: Augmented Reality [fan vid]

Here is my video of Blink-182 playing from inside my Dorito’s Late Night bag. I tested the “augmented reality” technology to it’s max & how twisted you can get the bag, aka stage.

Nususa Live – Free Concerts Streamed To Your Computer!

Do you enjoy live concerts, but can’t afford to go, have plans the night the band is coming to town, the band isn’t playing near you, or they are only touring overseas? Do you ever wish you could see an artist play an intimate show, but you’re not able to go? What if the live intimate concert was brought to you via your computer and an internet connection? That’s where Nususa Live comes in, to provide artists to perform for their fans all around the country and world at once, as well as interaction between the artists and the fans.

The idea behind Nususa Live’s streaming concerts is simple. You watch live concert footage in person, or on video sites like youtube, and you wish you were there OR you were at the concert, but you wish there was a way to have better interaction between the artist and the fan. A few sites have tried this, but they didn’t continue streaming shows, so fans moved on to the next live concert streaming website.