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The Best Has Yet To Come… Thanks To Procrastination!

I’ve had for a year. Everything I wanted IT to be… is locked away, inside my head.  Every time I’m about to get started OR finish, because many a times, things are started, but never finished.  I could show you so many versions of Weird Cookie websites,, original layouts and designs that [...]

Where Does IT Go From Here [Part 2-Finally]

The overdue Part 2 of “Where does IT Go From Here” where I brainstorm ideas for ITRadio and Feed This Blog.

Where Does IT Go From Here? [Part 1]

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but when I came up with the idea that 2009 would be “my year,” happened in February/March after finishing the new layout of ITRadio’s podcast/blog site.  In February, when I planned on making a new layout for ITRadio, was created instead followed by the new ‘real’ layout [...]

New Blog Post, “Where Does IT Go From Here” Coming soon.

Once again, FeedThisBlog is not dead!

Social Media, What? – IT’s a new podcast!

Hey everyone, just thought I would let you all know, I have just started a brand new podcast called “Social Media, What?”.  Recorded at StudioZeroSeven, it’s the first ever episode of Social Media, What?! Each episode your hosts, Graeme of ITRadio (and FeedThisBlog) and Ian of StudioZeroSeven, will cover different topics and how they impact [...]

Ideas, coming from places you’d least expect IT… sometimes!

I have no idea where ideas truly come from, or why we have them, but some of the best ideas come when you’re by yourself.

I Feed Myself With Kwik Trip Hot Dogs

I love hot dogs (or the way I say IT: hut dogs), but not just any kind of hot dogs. I love the hot dogs that used to be 3 for $1 rotisserie style hot dogs from Kwik Trip gas stations in WI. is live! | Feed This Blog_Vid1

The intro video for