Graeme’s Weekly Updates for 2010-09-16

  • RT @travisbarker: My all time favorite shoe to play drums in ~ #
  • Are you supposed to starve a flu/feed a cold, or feed a flu/starve a cold? & how do you make B's nose from running (she better go catch IT!) #
  • Hey lady working @ Target, I'm pretty sure those marks on your neck are birthmarks! #
  • They need to bring back Let's Make a Deal! I would so tear apart anything they gave me to see if there is cash in there, like a shoe! #
  • Hey Burger King, where did that guy really get that flute? And why wasn't the King leading his merry men? #
  • Why do chickens always have to cross the road… have you ever seen a chicken cross the road? No? that's what i thought! phuckers! #
  • I never worked at a button factory, but I did work at a store that sold buttons! #
  • Wanna get inside my head? IT's not hard… here's what you do… STOP THINKING! #
  • If you're looking for a break… jump out the window… make sure to land on something sharp… i mean soft… #
  • I'm missing a lucy somewhere inside my apartment…no clue where her new place to sleep is tonight…Z¿? #
  • Kind never sleep in case some one wants to steal their throne…butt stealing urinal cakes as a late night snack is a-okay! #
  • Do the colors match the numbers on all of the paint-by-number painting gimmicks, or is each one different? #
  • What do I eat on the way to work listening to @Deadmau5? Coffee Crisp… that's how I roll (in my car, on tires that go roundNround! #
  • #h81o – same page people… same page! #
  • If we're not on the same page, you cant get pissed because someone didn't do what they needed to if they weren't told in the first placee. #
  • Lunch will save me from the hell and not even @emojesus can save me the rest of the time =( ToT #

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