To Phuck, Or Not To Phuck… That Is The Phucking Question!

Some say that swearing means you’re “uneducated” and I could say “fuck that,” but I don’t. I have class… I give them an educated response of “Phuck that!” Why? Because using five letters gives me that one letter advantage over a four letter swear! Duh!!!!!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve started to shy away from swearing on my twitter/facebook status messages, unless I have good reason! However, I do balance my swearing out like shampoo and give my “fucks” some PH balance!

Do you think IT’s immature for me to find “phucking” hilarious? In my book, not at all. In fact, who really knows “how to act like an adult.” Whoever thought of that first was just ashamed they lost their childhood & imagination! Yup, yup… That’s the ticket, now take the phucking ride!

This post was brought to you by @emoejesus. Remember, @EmoJesus tweets for your phucking sins!

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