Lucy has ADD while stealing SpongeBob

IT’s a daily ritual for Lucy to steal something off of Bethany or I’s desk. Usually IT’s finger cuffs from Bethany’s desk drawers (she has her own drawer full of toys to open and steal from), but I was able to catch her in the act of trying to steal SpongeBob SquarePants off my desk.

I’m not sure why she doesn’t grab him by the nose, arms or legs, but that’s Lucy how Lucy does things. I’m not sure what she was distracted by at first, but at the end of the video she hears Bethany outside talking to the neighbor girls who live in the apartment building, so Lucy forgets about SpongeBob and heads to the window.

We normally find her finger cuffs, stuffed animals, bracelets, and more in the hallway, our shoes, or the food bowls.

The music, which is public domain, I found on The song: Smiles and Chuckles, performed by The Six Brown Brothers (recorded May 9, 1917)

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