SPIDERSS – A New Android Browser Has Me Asking WHY IS THERE A CURSOR?

Today Phandroid posted that a new Android Phone Browser, SPIDERSS, has a BETA version on the Android Market.  The description already shows that it could run with the other popular browsers, Dolphin and Steel, but does it?

I’m only nitpicking the application right now, which may come off as “negative,” but hopefully these issues will change in future updates.

**Before I started writing this blog post, a SPIDERSS question forum came up to fill out. Do you know how hard it is to use the G1 keyboard while the layout is still in portrait mode? I wasn’t even able to submit my answers or choose all my answers correctly… not cool.

I’ve only used the SPIDERSS Browser for at max, 20 min, but I’m wondering how much longer will I keep using it? First, the program has A CURSOR! All Android phones are touch screen, a cursor is not needed. We also see a hour glass while the program is thinking…

Wow, this turned out to be a lame review, because I don’t even want to use the application until layout issues are fixed, the cursor goes away, and the program itself becomes user friendly!

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