Hey Lemmings, Stop Being Sub-Human! (aka blah blah blah)

Love IT or hate IT, everyone has a daily routine. You wake up, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, take a shower… then you drive to work on auto-pilot, punch in, and bang your head on your desk while the lemmings around you drag their feet around the office, as they do and say the same thing everyday. You can almost set your clock from the same words and phrases every day (which usually lead into some lame ass excuse of some sort to justify the same shit, every phucking day).

“I’m tired…”
“I’m hungry…”
“I can’t think it’s too late/too early in the day”
“Is it Friday?…”
“It’s almost the end of the month already…”

Don’t get me wrong, because I too am guilty of saying those things, but I try and change what and how I phrase everything. If you take life for granted and just go with the flow, you’re going to run into road blocks and you’ll just stand there, looking stupid, scratching your head, and you’ll turn around and not do anything because you can’t think outside the box you’ve put yourself into.

I try looking at my daily routine as a sitcom, a jazz musician improvising, musicians releasing new albums, a GOOD comedian’s set, and if you see them again, they’ll never do, play, or say the same thing twice. Granted there are times stories need to be re-told, but if it’s to the same audience, they could almost tell the story for you. Try and add something new, throw people for a loop, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! If you start saying and doing the same things over, mirroring what’s already been done, you’ll lose viewers, fans, and friends!

When you step out of your house, and if it’s always with your left foot first, try going out with the right one instead. Yup, stupid idea, but it’s a change, and you’re still going on with your normal routine.

When I was a manager in pro-wrestling, I was running around the ring like a dumbass, shouting at the crowd, and I had a routine. Every week, I tried to add to whatever I had done the previous show. As soon as I walked back to the locker room, I’d start thinking about the next show and what I could do. The next show could be the next day, week or month, but my mind was always thinking on what to do. I challenged myself day in and day out to make everything better, and yeah, there were times that some ideas bombed, but I tried them. Those failing moments made me work harder!

The same goes with ITRadio and my status updates on Twitter (and other social networking sites). With ITRadio, I have 270+ shows in the bag, well over 500 hours of content, and granted over 5 years, I’ve brought up and told the same story, but I hope I added something new to it! When Frosty and I first started ITRadio, that was one thing we strived on doing week in and week out. What story can we tell, make up, talk about that differs from what we’ve already talked about. Now as a solo host to my show, IT’s a whole hell of a lot harder to do on a weekly basis, but it keeps me going.

Twitter is the same way. In 2 years, I’ve almost posted 14,000 tweets. Granted 50% of them are about the same subjects (twooping, Taco Johns, sushi fish, Mtn Dew, my H8s), but I challenge myself to update with something different from before, make it entertaining, and hopefully make people want more.

The nice thing for the people who choose to follow me or listen to my show, is the simple fact they have the option of ignoring my updates, blocking me, not downloading my show, or hitting mute/stop. In real life, you can’t do that, but how phucking sweet would it be to have a mute button. Sometimes, I want to record people talking, play it back to them, and see if they can tell that they can be annoying. With that said, I know a lot of what I talk about is annoying as soon as someone sees my mouth open or name show up on their screen, and they’d want the same mute button for me.

The next time you wake up, are about to tweet, or say something, start thinking on how you can make it different for yourself, but the others around you.

Do IT, do IT now!

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