The Best Has Yet To Come… Thanks To Procrastination!

I’ve had for a year. Everything I wanted IT to be… is locked away, inside my head.  Every time I’m about to get started OR finish, because many a times, things are started, but never finished.  I could show you so many versions of Weird Cookie websites,, original layouts and designs that never made the cut (OR my website design skills aren’t up to what my head wants IT to be).  If I allowed you to go through my music ideas, you’d be there for days, and half of them are five seconds long.

So what am I procrastinating on?

I’m working on another design for something, yet again, while working on my podcast, attempts at music/songs, and IT’s all wrapped in this thing known as “life.” So, what makes me keep going?  The ideas never stop, and if they did, then I better be locked up in a padded room and throw away the key!

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