One Handed Update… Proofreading Is Not An Option

I’m sitting, or laying (not sure what position I’m in) at the Memorial Blood Center in Eden Prairie giving blood and platelets (1st time for the platelets).  I’m covered in a blanket, another blanket is over my arm.  I think IT fell off, but they don’t want to tell me…. Oh, I can’t reach my iPod at the moment.

Every few minutes I’m supposed to squeeze this balloon gimmick for the next hour or so.  I could go for some orange juice, but I’m to lazy to call over a staff member to bring me one.

So, other than ITRadio, what have I been up to lately?  NOTHING… I’m a loser and I have no life!  I sit in front of my computer every night looking for inspiration, but I don’t think my brain lets that happen.

SWEET! I have an orange pineapple beverage coming my way!

Anyway, this post will be very  different post.  Not by much, but more of a “what am I thinking at this moment type of a gimmick.

So, for real, I’ve been busy working on WordPress theme mods.  I’ve been working on now for about 2 months and the theme is coming along nicely, and Suzen has been very patient with me and my updates.  She knows I picked a theme that I could use as a learning experience, and for the most part, the theme is done, but there is a lot I still want to do.  I keep pitching her ideas, because I want it to be the best site she can have to promote herself.  One thing that drew me to that theme was the Sidebar.  The image at the top of the sidebar uses jQuery, which I’ve never used before, and other than switching the images, I don’t really touch the code itself, but I peak at it every so often.

If you don’t know of Suzen Juel (@juel), she’s a an awesome local Twin Cities acoustic blues/folk/rock guitarist and has a voice to match.  She performs local shows on occasion, but has almost daily performances in SecondLife.  Oh, you don’t have SecondLife, but want to check out her live performances? Then fear not my friend.  There is a streaming audio player on the sidebar of her site.  She also has 2 albums available on iTunes (the 2nd one was recorded by Ian Schwartz / @StudioZeroSeven )

If you don’t know what Second Life is, check IT out. It’s a virtual world where you can meet people all over the world.  There are live performances, conferences, press releases, and more you can do once inside.

I really want one of these screen/keyboard set-ups for my room.  Sitting is over-rated and my arm is going numb… so IT didn’t fall off I guess.

Also, I’ve been working on a WordPress layout for  It’s going to be more of a portal site for things I’m currently working on, unlike FeedThisBlog which is more of a personal site, as well as archiving.  The theme I picked will look nothing (graphics wise) like the original, as I’ve done with the others.  The original layout is still there, but even that changes a great amount.  I’ve never learned how to code HTML freehand, yet I’ve been making websites for years.  The same goes for CSS.  I can read it, move it around, understand where things fit, but I’ll never be able to create a theme from scratch.

I’m proud of myself in 2009 for kicking major butt on creative theme mod designs.  Who knew I’d start AND FINISH 6 different layouts.  FeedThisBlog, ITRadio, Social Media, What? and  I did mode a site for a friend in regards to that New Moon movie. I do not endorse New Moon or Twilight, but the original theme designer flaked out on her and only created a CSS stylesheet, but not the WordPress theme (which she requested and he fell through on).

Do you know how hard it is to type one handed and remember what your typing is even about? What if you have ADD/ADHD.  I’m 2 min from a sushi joint.  I think I’m having that for dinner and I don’t think I’m going to get IntaJuice this week, despite my once a week idea, unless I get IT tomorrow.  There is no way I’m even going to attempt to venture near the Eden Prairie Mall on Black Friday.

I have an hour left… I should take a nap.

In fact, I’m going to end this because I’m losing concentration points.  Also, unlike my other posts, this was not proof read by JenJenFukker.  If IT wasn’t for her awesome reading skills, who knows what my posts would really look like. Wait, that’s what this is.

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