How My Brain Thinks: The Real Reason The Road Signs Fell Over!

When I was driving to work today in the sane lane, which is a time that I try NOT to think about the hell I’m about to endure for 8.5hrs, I passed a road sign saying “ROAD WORK UP AHEAD’ that was pushed up, parallel with the road, against the safety shoulder wall gimmick.  As far as I can tell, the roadwork has finished, in that area at least, for a good three weeks.  I thought nothing of it until I get a quarter mile ahead where I see another road sign.  The same sign, except it wasn’t pushed against anything.  Instead it was flipped over the barrier with the sign’s leg stands in the air.

For most people, they’ll see it and think nothing of it.  I guess that’s been my case until today.  I drive past the second sign and thought about why it was knocked over and laughed to myself.  Give me 15 seconds and I forgot about the stupid signs, but I couldn’t stop thinking about them just yet, because I saw a third sign, also knocked over, and I threw my head back laughing out loud to myself.

WHAT DID I FIND FUNNY?  I was laughing at the coolest reasoning those signs were knocked over… and it’s not one of those “you had to be there to get it” jokes. Instead, it’s more like “you have to be in Graeme’s head to find this remotely funny.”

In between the second and third signs, I thought of what happened to the them:

1st – Some [drunk or high?] dude was walking down the highway late at night.  Who cares that there is a law against walking on highways, but this is Graeme’s brain thinking, so back the phuck off!
2nd – Dude comes up to the first sign and was mad it was in his way and shoulder checks it for not moving. That’s why it was parallel with the road.  I’m sure the sign was like “whoa, what crawled that dude’s butthole and grew a family?”
3rd – Dude keeps walking until he gets to the next sign and he is positive this sign is trying to mess with him.  So, because of this, dude verbally trashes the sign, thinks the sign gave him attitude, and shoves the sign.  The sign slides back on the pavement, hits the safety barrier and tips over, peg legs in the air.
4th – Dude thinks he’s King shIT and keeps on walking
5th – Dude comes up to the third sign, and is PISSED that the same sign is messing with him and he pushes that sign over, too.
6th – That’s IT! Dude’s story is done…

In my head, I saw everything happen and that’s why I was laughing.  I’m sure that people driving next to me thought I was on the phone WAY too early, or I was high on acid or something. BUTT IT WAS FUNNY!!

I could care less if anyone thought the story was stupid, because it was real to me!  Maybe this is a great reason to have ADD/ADHD and I’m glad I have that active imagination. You can’t tell me you don’t have stupid ideas when you’re not thinking.

Wow, I guess I must not think EVER! All my ideas are so awesome that they’re mad stoopIT!

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