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Do you have upcoming events, gigs, webcasts, contests…etc. but won’t have time to tweet out the details before the event? What if you’re the fan of someone who has an upcoming Broadcast, but you won’t be around to retweet on time? is there for you. is a sweet website that lets people subscribe to a future (tweet) Broadcast, and once that tweet is published, the same tweet is published on your Twitter account. Plain and simple, it’s an auto retweeter.

Creator Josh Braaten’s ( idea is in BETA form, but it does what it needs to do.  IT lets you subscribe to a scheduled/future tweet, and when the tweet is published, you publish the same tweet on your Twitter account. As the website’s tag line states: “A new and effective way to promote through Twitter.”

You will need to register your twitter account in order to schedule and/or subscribe to a Broadcast. The Log In and Register areas are on the same page; so make sure to scroll down (depending on your screen size) if it’s your first time using the site!

Once logged in, the main sections of the site are located under the TweetBroadcast logo and Search area.

Create lets you schedule a Broadcast for your upcoming tweet.  Give your Broadcast a title, create an invitation so viewers of your scheduled Broadcast page, gives the reason for the Broadcast, and then finally the Tweet that will be Broadcasted by you and the subscribers.  You are able to create the permalink after the “” and finally schedule when you want the Broadcast to happen.  My Broadcast shows your upcoming Broadcasts, My Subscriptions shows Broadcasts you’ve subscribed to, and My Account is pretty obvious.

At the bottom of the site, you have your normal Sitemap, Privacy, Terms And Conditions, and Contact Info.  One cool thing about the Sitemap, is you’re able to see all of the Broadcasts that have been scheduled, past and present.

Even though is in BETA, it already can give powerful results if utilized correctly. I’ve heard a few ideas Josh has in mind, and I like the direction he’s planning on taking the site! Check IT out!

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