Where Does IT Go From Here? [Part 1]

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but when I came up with the idea that 2009 would be “my year,” happened in February/March after finishing the new layout of ITRadio’s podcast/blog site.  In February, when I planned on making a new layout for ITRadio, FeedThisBlog.com was created instead followed by the new ‘real’ layout for ITRadio was finished.  In two months, I did more graphic design and website creation in that amount of time than I had done in the last 6 years and I wanted to push myself the furthest I could go with whatever comes at me.

I didn’t expect starting two more projects in the following months, but it happened. In May/June, the “Social Media, What?” podcast started, followed by the Nususa Live streaming online concerts.  I didn’t feel that I had too much on my plate, but instead, I had the right amount of things to tide me over.  I needed every one of these projects to drive me to the next episode of ITRadio, the newest post on FeedThisBlog, learning more about social/new media, and how to pull a streaming online concert series off.  Some people thought there’s too much on my plate, yet I thought I had enough projects to keep myself motivated, which is what I needed to keep myself busy.

Then came the news from Frosty that he was going to “hang up the podcasting gimmick” and leave ITRadio as a co-host.  In the back of my mind, I knew the day was coming, but when he finally said he was calling it quits, it made me take a step back and look at where I was, and where I wanted to go with everything.  Do I quit ITRadio? What do I do with “SMW?,” FeedThisBlog, and the live streaming concerts? What am I going to eat next to twoop about later?

That’s when the idea for this blog post popped into my head, yet it took 3 weeks to write.  I needed a place to put my thoughts on the future of everything, and I wanted others to see the ideas, too.  In case I fell behind or didn’t know what to try next, I could always come back to this post.

Where does IT go from here?  I’m starting from the most current project, and working my way back… because as Hot Donna would say, IT always comes back to poop… on ITRadio.

Nususa Live – Live concerts streamed to your computer.

I’ll admit it, the live concert idea was simply that… an idea.  I have seen a few bands do live concerts via the internet, but the websites promoting the concerts never followed through after a few shows, or the band doing the concerts lost interest. So, when I threw the idea out to Ian of StudioZeroSeven, he took the idea and ran with it.

Sure, we’ve only done one broadcast so far, but we already have two more concerts, for sure, lined up.

Where I see Nususa Live going:  I want to see artists perform in an intimate setting, but where the whole world can tune in.  I want to have local and national talent performing in a new medium, and hopefully a new audience. I may have limited video skills, but I want to get better. I want to be able to produce something special that not everyone is able to see everyday, and also come back for more.

Nususa Live is something I couldn’t do on my own, and I’m glad Ian liked the idea, ran with it, and also was willing to use StudioZeroSeven as the venue.

Social Media, What?

SMW? is the project that almost didn’t happen.  A great social media/new media friend of mine and idea man, WW3/Goldbar.TV thought I should do a social media podcast, talking about all things social media, but from a non-expert point of view.  I happened to meet my co-host, Ian, at a local TweetUp.  We both have the same mentality to learn everything social media, and the best way to learn is to help others learn as well.

I wanted, and believe I’ve managed to create a show for the people just getting in to social media, and also people who want to learn more about social media, but don’t understand the so called “experts.”  I want the show to be a laid back show about anything that seems to be relevant at the time, because who knows what medium will be a thing of the past when you wake up in the morning.

So, what would I like to see happen?  Interviews with anyone that involves themselves in some form of social/new media, more media content, may it be blogs, links, pictures dealing with social media and make the website/blog a “go to site” for all things social/new media.  I want to ride every wave of this form of media to see where it takes not only me, but everyone else who’s involved in some way, shape, or form.

Part 2 coming to you next week!

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