Nususa Live – Free Concerts Streamed To Your Computer!

Do you enjoy live concerts, but can’t afford to go, have plans the night the band is coming to town, the band isn’t playing near you, or they are only touring overseas? Do you ever wish you could see an artist play an intimate show, but you’re not able to go? What if the live intimate concert was brought to you via your computer and an internet connection? That’s where Nususa Live comes in, to provide artists to perform for their fans all around the country and world at once, as well as interaction between the artists and the fans.

The idea behind Nususa Live’s streaming concerts is simple.¬† You watch live concert footage in person, or on video sites like youtube, and you wish you were there OR you were at the concert, but you wish there was a way to have better interaction between the artist and the fan.¬† A few sites have tried this, but they didn’t continue streaming shows, so fans moved on to the next live concert streaming website.

Nususa Live could be considered one of the next websites for streaming content and we hope to produce concerts by artists¬† who have a huge following, a small following, and any genre of music is welcome to provide a ‘virtual’ venue performance for their fans around the world.

What’s unique about about live streaming concerts on an intimate level is the fan interaction you can’t always get when seeing an artist live. We have a chat room for fans and artists to talk to one another, request songs, answer questions and we hope to provide phone interaction as well.

What’s the advantage for these live shows? The shows will be free (but feel free to tip the artists and venue for providing their talents to bring you these shows).

The 1st show will be July 7th, 2009 at 7p. Check IT out at and we’ll be using LiveStream as our streaming host server.

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