Qik for the Andorid is here! (video demo included)

Android phones have been given the gift of Qik today!  Qik is a mobile phone/smartphone app that lets you stream live video for people sitting at their computer to see.  IT’s super easy to set up, too. Just download it from the Android App Store, set up a new account, which can be done on your phone, and you’re ready to broadcast.  Also, don’t forget to check your e-mail to confirm your Qik account!

This is an alpha release for Qik, so I’m sure the sound and video quality will improve.  I’m not sure how many frames per second there are, but if you have decent lighting, it should look pretty clear, even though it will blur while you’re moving the camera around, but I’m not complaining!  Live streaming on my way home from work (fueled with road rage), here I come!

*Yes, I know the sound cuts out at the start of the video and I’m not sure why.  Also, because the sound is lower than normal, you will need to turn up your headphones, AND I promise future videos will not be pointed at my computer screen for 75% of the video.

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