The House Of 7′s (One Of My Old School Writings)

I was going through my archives of posts/stories/websites the past couple weeks and came across this gem of a story!  I was a manager in Independent Pro-Wrestling, known as Weird Cookie, from 1999-2005.  I could give you all a history lesson about that time, but I’ll save that for later.  I wrote this for my hate towards another wrestler who had no talent, but a huge ego. Horace the Psychopath, the guy who I managed, and I both hated this guy.  We played mind games with him any chance we could get and this write up was the “final straw” where he knew he was caught in a huge lie.

I wanted to share this with you, because I really like how I wrote it and the story that it tells.  If you know me, and my Weird Cookie past, this might make sense, but I think it’s a great read, even if you don’t know who I was writing about… Enjoy!

In the moment called life, things happen, things change, people grow older, become more aware, and do the thing called change. In the past 2 weeks, at least two people have left the wrestling world, myself being one of them. Myself, I quit, not because I have ‘lost interest’ in the sport or it’s ‘not fun anymore,’ I quit because I’m 20 years old, have a music career ahead of me and wrestling will always be there. But earlier in the week of August 5th, too tired to remember what day it was, Indy wrestling lost a great person to ever set foot into the wrestling ring.

This man whose career started in mid ‘99 was a great one. A man who was undefeated in a federation he worked for, a man who was the fear of many wrestlers, a man who… wait a min, who am I kidding.

I am not here to give you, my site viewers/fans a bullshit commentary that I was originally going to ‘put over’ this certain ex-wrestler. I’m Weird Cookie; I stand by my word and tell it like it is. It has been said by me before, if you don’t like what you see here, don’t come back or don’t continue reading my page.

So, the House of 7’s has quit wrestling for what, the 3rd time? In his 2 years in wrestling he has quit 3 different times, and 2 times, because he ‘lost’ interest in the sport. So, why the hell did he come back? Don’t ask me, I sure as hell am not his agent. This time because all of a sudden after a ‘flame’ war, he lost his interest in wrestling.

Ok, I understand people can lose interest in things, but usually that is forever and never go back until YEARS have passed. Many people QUIT/RETIRE and never go back, unless they just can’t give it up. But I think this person is trying to beat Ric Flair, Terry Funk, Hulk Hogan and various others in a ‘coming out of retirement’ race. So far, comparing the ICONS of wrestling I just mentioned, probably did not quit in their first two years of wrestling, so the House of 7’s did do something they did not.

Speaking of icons, the House of 7’s is an icon. He’s an undefeated champion. But why is that? Because ‘things’ would come up and the title would be forfeited, or an ‘injury’ would occur. And what kind of injury would occur that would have 6 months of down time but out of nowhere, heal in 6 days with no leg brace and/or limp? I’m no doctor, but I think someone hit my funny bone.

When my ‘knee’ injury occurred early ‘01, I did an angle with it. Someone, being Killer Claw, ‘tore’ my ACL, but in reality, I needed surgery, and came back to manage Mason Diggs as soon as I could. Giving no bullshit excuse that I ‘quit’ wrestling. I did just what the ‘big boys’ of wrestling do all the time. REAL ANGLES. My life does not, nor does 95% (my figure) of the workers out there; revolve around wrestling being ‘real.’ Titles are nothing. You will not become the pope or president if you held a title. Promoters will not look you at as some sort of ‘god’ in wrestling because you carried a title.

So, you couldn’t handle the heat of ‘losing’ a flame war because it wasn’t real?? What kind of BS is that man, seriously? It’s the Internet, grow up. I’m 20 years old, telling how I feel, not hiding behind a shell, yet I do wish I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and had turtle powers (turtles have shells, get it, well I do, this is my page), but the point I’m trying to get across is, the internet is a shell if you make it out to be, but the shell you give yourself if you give yourself one, can mess your chances with life down the road!

The moral of this entire thing I just wrote is not to be the asshole that I portray on TV (Again, something I wanted to say for the fun of it), but it is to put across a point that stop your crying and hiding and let things pass. Look at my site… my live journal, you rarely hear me bitch about anything, but if I do bitch about something, it’s on my turf, not some message board that ‘marks’ go out to. In some ways, I shouldn’t even be writing this because I’m done with wrestling for a long time, but it is something on my mind, and this is my turf, so I felt I should post. No names, other than mine have been posted in this writing, so this could be about any one wrestler out there. But I’m going to hit the buffet right about now, see if I can’t rustle up me some human worm babies.

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