Social Media, What? – IT’s a new podcast!

Hey everyone, just thought I would let you all know, I have just started a brand new podcast called “Social Media, What?”.  Recorded at StudioZeroSeven, it’s the first ever episode of Social Media, What?! Each episode your hosts, Graeme of ITRadio (and FeedThisBlog) and Ian of StudioZeroSeven, will cover different topics and how they impact with Social Media… even if they don’t always know what they’re talking about.

I’m to lazy to write something new, so I just copy and pasted this from Social Media, What?’s ‘About’ section, haha.

“Social Media” and “Social Media, What?” are like art… there are no rules! They are shotgun blasts of information that are splattered on a wall to see what sticks.  People create and upload content for others to see, and the emotions it creates when seen and heard.  The hosts, Graeme and Ian, want to inform our listeners what we have learned in the Social Media world, and hope to also learn from the listeners, as well.

We’re not experts. IT seems that most of the podcasts that are out there dealing with Social Media are geared towards the ‘experts’ in Social Media. There isn’t a show available for the average joe, and that’s where Ian and myself come in.

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