McDonald’s, I’m (not) Loving IT!

My co-worker called me this morning on my way out the door and asked if I could pick her up some iced coffees from McDonald’s.  I was running behind and let her know if I had time, I’d pick them up on my way in. I had enough time, so I went to McDick’s on France Ave in Edina, MN.

I pulled up to the drive-thru around 7:15am, gave my order (McSkillet BUTTrito meal & 2 iced coffees w/vanilla) and pulled up to the window.  I gave the cashier my check card; she swiped it and gave it back to me.  She proceeds to make the iced coffees and gives me my beverages.  While she’s doing this, I can hear my order come through on the conveyer belt.  She asks for my card again because it didn’t go through properly.  Things like this happen, so I handed my check card over again and she tells me: “It says you have no cash.”

What do you mean it says “no cash?”  I had her try it again, and again “no cash.” Instead of fighting it knowing I have more than enough to cover my order, I had her try my credit card and what was the answer? “No cash.”

Ok, there is no possible way that both these cards can have “no cash.”  I said, your machine is messed up, so what do I do.  She responds with “no cash” again.  Okay, I don’t carry cash on me and when I do have cash, it’s maybe five ones, if that.  She tells me, “I don’t know to tell you” (and yes, she said it like that).  While I’m growing frustrated, she’s talking to whoever else has a headset in the kitchen trying to see what else she can do.  She tells me, “sorry, no cash on card, machine not working, I sorry.”

All right, this is where McDonald’s failed big time with me.  I pulled up to the drive-thru, gave my order and never was told I couldn’t use my check/credit cards because their machine was down.  Maybe this issue came up as I was placing my order, who knows, but if I was told while placing my order I needed cash, I would have gone on my way, no questions asked.

So, did I get my food? NO! Why? Because I have “no cash,” on my cards and their machine isn’t working, I don’t get my meal.  I’m sorry, but that’s not their slogan, “I’m loving it,” is something I won’t be saying anytime soon.  What did I get to take to work? The drinks, which she almost asked for back.  My food is going to be thrown, but I can keep the drinks? Classy McDouche!

Instead of them eliminating the problem and possibly losing a customer, my order goes into the garbage.

I’ve had this happen before, where the machine breaks down or service is delayed at Subways, Chipotles, Taco Bells and Taco John’s.  Never once was I told I’m walking out empty handed and never have I asked to be compensated.  Subway and Chipotle have credit card machine issues and said don’t worry about paying, it’s their error and it’s on the house.  Taco John’s has given me coupons and beverages for having to wait or if a menu item wasn’t available once I got to the window. Taco Bell has forgotten part of my order before, I called to let them know, they offered me free meals and full refunds on my orders.  Hell, a friend of mine didn’t get her salad dressing from Panera Bread and the manager drove to our work and delivered the salad dressing, without her asking.

IT’s just good business and IT brings back customers.

Anyway, back to the McDick’s story.  I asked for McDonald’s corporate number and what did I get? AN EMPTY McDONALD’S BAG with the number on it.  I get to work, call my bank, no holds on my accounts, no denials (like I said earlier, I have more than enough funds on both cards) and no transaction attempts, which meant my “no cash” was a McDonald’s error.

I called McDonald’s customer service and spoke with a very nice customer service representative.  I explained the story and when I mentioned the cash/credit cards, her response was something along the lines of: “Yeah, credit card machines not working is a big deal, because credit cards are going to be the future of payments” (really? That’s amazing, haha) She took down my information, let me know this would be addressed by that stores management team and she would personally follow up on this, which I have not received a return call, yet.  Even if I don’t get a call back, the simple fact that she was kind and courteous makes up for some of my troubles, but it didn’t put food in my stomach.

McDonald’s on France Ave in Edina, MN = SERIOUS FAIL!

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