Ideas, coming from places you’d least expect IT… sometimes!

I have no idea where ideas truly come from, order or why we have them, order but some of the best ideas come when you’re by yourself. You might tell others when you came up with the idea, tadalafil but there are situations when you might feel inclined NOT to tell them when it was. The three places my best ideas come from are: driving (any situation), taking a shower (usually any situation) and while sitting on the toilet (twooping).

These three places are times during your day you stop concentrating, start to daydream and your mind works in the background as your thoughts go on autopilot. I’ve realized this and I’ve also come up with the solution on harvesting the ideas.

While you’re driving, have a voice recorder nearby, call your own voicemail or Twitterfone your idea. If you do use Twitterfone as a source of recording, be sure you want the public to hear your ideas or use/steal them for themselves.

When you’re showering, your options are limited, but you can use a voice recorder. If you don’t have a voice recorder, check your phone, because most new phone models have a voice record function and don’t forget, you can always dry yourself off so you can write down your idea.

The easiest (and best) place to get and record your ideas is while you’re sitting down on the crapper. You are able to text a message on your phone, call your voicemail/Twitterfone, use a laptop or you can go old school and bring in a pen and paper.

I know these places aren’t everybody’s choice place for ideas, butt (pun intended) if you have ideas, write them down! Even if they are the worst idea when you look back at them, it never hurts to write them down. If you know someone who might be able to put your idea into motion, make that connection. Getting the idea is the first step, but to see that idea realized, you need to move the idea forward!

Also, don’t try and force the ideas, because usually those are the ones you want to flush!

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