Cupcake Is Here and I Am Eating IT!

.After four months of possible release dates for the new Android OS build, code named “Cupcake,” Google has released Android OS 1.5 last week to developers.  When I started looking at new phones, I thought of doing the following: switch mobile carriers and get an iPhone (this would include sign-up fees), pay for an unlocked iPhone (expensive, but no contract) or go for the G1 and stay with T-Mobile. The possibilities of what Cupcake could bring to Android phones sounded awesome.  One of the features I wanted was video recording from the G1 and I was willing to wait.  I didn’t expect it to take this long, but the wait was worth it. However, T-Mobile has yet to release the update to the public, but there is an Android user, JesusFreke, who has created versions of the Cupcake OS that users who ‘rooted’ their phones could use to update.


Home Screen w/Open Home OS X


I happened to be up, due to my insomnia, early Saturday morning and checked my RSS feeds one last time and saw that JesusFreke had updated his blog.  The new post contained the new JF Cupcake build.  I downloaded the new OS and loaded it up on my G1.  That kept me up even longer… oh well.  Also, I’ll admit, due to my error, I did “brick” my phone a few times attempting to move my apps to be run and stored on my SD card. That in itself was a nightmare. I did enjoy banging my head on my desk more than enough times trying to learn Terminal, but I have yet to figure it out and stopped for right now.

I recorded my first video this afternoon while my youngest cat, Lucy, drank water out of my hand in the bathroom (spoiled much?). The video app a.k.a Camcorder runs great for what I expected and uploads straight to YouTube.  The camera itself does not do that well in dull lighting, so I didn’t expect the video camera to be any better.  As long as I have decent light, I don’t think I’ll have any major issues using it.

I’m not promising a great or halfway decent review, but I may do something next week discussing about what I enjoy from Cupcake so far and tricks I’ve learned while messing around.  In the mean time, please check out a few of the reviews sites that are out there!

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**More links will be added once the reviews start rolling out. Feel free to send a comment if you have a review that you want included.


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