Twitter Clients I Use – Part 2

.If you don’t know, I’m a Twitter junky and an avid twooper! I signed up for Twitter in Sept 07 and became hooked early 08. I’ve used multiple clients to access twitter, both on my computers and on my phones (HTC Dash/Excalibur & HTC Dream/G1) and I thought I would talk about a few that I’ve use(d). All programs support multiple usernames, except the Twitter website and the G1 apps), as well as update at set time intervals in the application’s preferences.


1)  Twitter’s Mobile Website

Twitters Mobile Website


Before I picked up my T-Mobile G1/Android phone, I had an HTC Excalibur/Dash and Twitter’s mobile site was my main mobile client.  I was using the $5.99 hack to access the ‘edge’ network and rarely used the wifi to allow the java clients to work, so I don’t have any clients I truly enjoyed on the Dash.  The mobile client works on nearly, if not all phones with some sort of browser access. It’s plain & simple and doesn’t contain normal Twitter features, such as reply and direct messages.  If you still want to use the website and your phone can allow it, use the regular website.


2)  Tweetie

Tweetie For Mac


This is a new OS X application that is a huge success on the iPhone. I tried it for the first time right before posting Part 1 of my Twitter posts, and I wanted to spend a little time before talking about it. I’ll admit I didn’t spend enough time with it, because I don’t quite get it, yet.  Where I want icons/buttons for retweets, replies, direct messages…etc, they are hidden in the menu or you need to right-click on the post itself to see your options. If I’m using my laptop, I tend to forget to right click.  I’m going to keep plugging away with Tweetie and I will try and do another and better review if I continue to use it…


3) Twidroid



Twidroid, as well as the next application, Twit2Go, are apps that run on Android based phones.  Right now Twidroid is my favorite application to use on my G1.  Twidroid has smooth scrolling, your main modes of Twitter communication (timeline, replies, direct messages and refresh) are buttons at the bottom of you screen and to do your @replies, direct messages and retweets, there is a button that displays a menu on the right side of a tweet.  Twidroid also allows you to search, follow/unfollow, send pictures w/Twitpic and it also allows you to have your tweets updated at set intervals.


4)  Twit2Go



Twit2Go, in my opinion, is very similar to Twidroid. It’s faster in some spots, such as loading new tweets, but the scrolling smoothness isn’t all there that I like. It utilizes the tap/hold function to access tweet options and if there is a link in a tweet you want to access, you find that in that same tweet options menu that pops up.  One thing it has over Twidroid though, if you want to view a single person’s profile and tweets on Twit2Go, you don’t have a minimized viewing area that’s taken up by the direct message and unfollow button as well as back and refresh buttons.  I don’t use Twit2Go all the time, but I will turn to it for a change from Twidroid here and there.


5) Loquacious (demo)

Loquacious (demo)


I just re-downloaded this on my G1 and the one complaint I had originally for this program, even though it was the demo that I have been using, was the scrolling issues. Well, I just tried scrolling and I can tell you, that problem has been fixed. Loquacious has two pluses on top of other Android Twitter clients. The first plus is, Loquacious allows you to control multiple accounts without having to re-login and keeps all accounts/passwords stored for easy switching. The second plus is it allows you to filter the accounts that show up on your timeline. You are able to filter by the program/source of the tweeter, as well as let you choose which user’s tweets show up in your timeline. If you have users that only post the music they are listening to or YouTube videos they are viewing, you can make sure you don’t have to see those updates to the point of deleting them from your following list.

I know there are other programs out there and I’m willing to try them.  If you have a suggestion, leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. I use Tweetdeck

  2. Thanks @tektel for the comments and I’m glad the blog posts were usefull. I’ve used Tweetdeck twice now and there isn’t something that I don’t like about it. Both Twhirl and Tweetdeck gave me with capital letters and the space bar, yet Seemsic Desktop gives me no trouble at all with that issue.


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