Twitter Clients I Use – Part 1

If you didn’t know, I’m a Twitter junky and an avid twooper! I signed up for Twitter in Sept 07 and became hooked early 08. I’ve used multiple clients to access twitter, both on my computers and on my phones (HTC Dash/Excalibur & HTC Dream/G1) and I thought I would talk about a few that I’ve use(d). All programs support multiple usernames, except the Twitter website and the G1 apps), as well as update at set time intervals in the application’s preferences.

Twitter and TwitterFox

Twitter and TwitterFox

1)  Twitter’s Website
Where every user starts and where I come to almost daily to update my follower’s list and add saved searches to my sidebar. One thing I’ve found out while creating multi-accounts and changing the themes and backgrounds, if you change the background from the default front page, you can get the search in your sidebar.  If not, you’re scrolling to the bottom to find the search link.

2)  Twitterfox
If you use Firefox, this is a must have. It chills out in your status bar, displays little pop-ups of new messages and it lets you use multiple twitter accounts.  Once you add your accounts to Twitterfox, to change the names, click on your current username in the upper right hand corner and it’ll show your usernames.



3)  Thwirl
Before using Seesmic Desktop, I used Twhirl and I still do depending on what I feel like using.  Both of which run on the Adobe Air. Twhirl is a multi-user application that lets you move each user window to it’s own place on the screen. It does support Growl for OS X or use it’s own bubble pop up gimmick.

Seesmic Desktop

Seesmic Desktop

4)  Seesmic Desktop
I just started using Seesmic about two weeks ago and right now it is my favorite application at the moment.  If you’ve used Tweetdeck, it’s very similar to that, but it doesn’t have the capital letter (ex. I) and then a spacebar issue where the space won’t happen after a capital letter, such as ‘I,’ but maybe it’s just an issue on my end). Seesmic supports multiple user names that can show up in your main timeline, or you can opt certain ones out.  There are collapsible menus for your accounts, custom user lists (Tweetdeck also has this) and searches.  You can max the Seesmic window and custom tweet updates, such as @replies, direct messages and custom searches.  You’re able to update your status to your designated username with a drop down menu, but I am finding issues doing retweet and @replies.  Even if I try and retweet or reply, I’ve been running into the problem of the username changing from the one I had it set on to another open username.  I’ve sent out quite a few tweets on the wrong accounts, but the delete function is always a great thing to have just in case!

That’s it for now. Next week, I’ll talk about the Twitter Apps I use on mobile devices and the new OS X application Tweetie, by Atebits.  I’ve only tested Tweetie for a few minutes before writing this up and I need to get used to it’s features and where to find everything that’s hiding in their menu items. It’s pretty confusing for me at the moment, maybe it’s due to the fact I’ve never used the iPhone app before.

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  1. This is a great blog, very useful information, I’ve been looking into Tweetie it looks bad ass!

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  3. Thanks for the reply man! Still not sure about Tweetie, even after a week and a half.


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