To Twoop Or Not To Twoop: That Is The Twooping Question!


I'd Rather Be Twooping, LOT


If you’ve been using Twitter and are staying current with the trends of Web 2.0 and social media/networking, you would know you can have your Twitter or account to update all of your social networking site’s status messages at once and you update your status anywhere and everywhere you possibly can.  You let people know you woke up, that you’re about to drive to work, that you’re at a sporting event or concert or your foot itches, butt (pun intended) have you ever updated your status to say you are dropping friends off at the pool and admitted IT?

Wait, what did I just ask you? Do I update my status messages where?

Just admit IT, you’ve done IT… You’ve taken your cellphone/smartphone or laptop into the bathroom and you’ve updated your status.

You might as well tell everyone what you’re doing because you tell them everything else in your status messages.  Simply tell them you’re ‘taking a twoop,’ ‘twooping, ‘sitting on the twooper’ or let them know that you just ‘twooped.’  OR, if you are an anti-twitter user like my co-host of ITRadio, Frosty, a ‘fake twoop’ is the term to use for anti-twitter users that still update their social networking status messages from the toilet! (I know, why is an anti-twitter user using twitter words? Frosty supports my shit, that’s why!)

Where did the terms ‘twoop’ and ‘twooping’ come from?  IT generated from Twitter user’s ‘tweet speak.’ Tweet speak would be changing the the first letters of the verb or noun you are writing and using “tw” instead. An easy example would be pooping turning in to twooping.

I wasn’t the first to use twoop and twooping in spring of 2008, but I was the one who started using the terms on a daily basis. Once I started telling people I was twooping the twoop, I couldn’t stop. I’m not afraid to tell people where I am or that I’m going to the bathroom and you shouldn’t be afraid either. You buy toilet paper don’t you or are you too scared to do that in fear someone might see you buying it (IT’s a true story. A friend of mine didn’t want to buy TP in case a pretty girl walked past him and it would ruin his chances with her.)

Try doing a search for ‘twoop’ or ‘twooping’ on Twitter and you’ll see @itradio all over the place as well as family, friends and fans of ITRadio |

You can add @twoop and @twooping for retweets of other Twitter users using twoop and twooping!

I’m so proud of my twooping skills and thanks to @BeerBear for saying he would buy a “I’d rather be twooping, LOT” hoodie if I made Twooping Gear on CafePress ( and I did.  So, do yourself a favor, let people know you’re twooping the twoop right out of your butt and when you’re not twooping, let the world know what you’d rather be doing!

I think I need a T.A support group. Yes, that’s right Twoopers Anonymous, LOT.

AND if you don’t know what LOT means or you haven’t figured it out yet while I’m giving you time before telling you the answer… IT’s ‘Laughing on Twitter.’

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