I Feed Myself With Mtn Dew!

.This is the 4th blog post in a series of 4 where I talk about my love for sushi, Taco John’s, Mtn Dew and hot dogs.

5 min Mtn Dew


I’ve told you about my favorite foods, Sushi, Kwik Trip Hot Dogs and Taco John’s, but there is one thing that I enjoy while consuming my favorite foods, a cold beverage. That beverage would be Mtn Dew.  Unlike the other blogs, I don’t know when I first started drinking Mtn Dew or the real reason I love it so much, but I do (no pun intended).

I remember waking up my senior year of high school, I’d do my hair, eat Oreo cookies and milk, watch Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, brush my teeth, and then grab a Mtn Dew on the way out the door. By the time I got to school, which at most was five minutes away, the Mtn Dew would be gone. When I would come home, that would be the first thing I would have after walking in the door. There was one time I refused my parents to crush the cans and I left them on the kitchen counter and made a castle of empty cans.  There was no reason for it, no pictures taken of my artwork, but I did it anyway.

After moving to Minnesota, living on my own with my own income, some of my ‘drinking’ habits had to change. I couldn’t afford 4 cans a day, and I wonder how much my parents spent to keep my ‘addiction’ going while I was in high school. I know at one point I had stopped drinking Mtn Dew daily for about 6 months. I never got headaches, which was nice, but it might have been the reason I had a dream about the tasty beverage.

The dream happened in the spring of 2001 when I was living in St. Louis Park, MN. My apartment complex was across the street from a gas station. One day, the manager called his employees (I knew one of them while working at the mall) and said it’s closed until further notice.  I would walk past the station every day on the way to the bus stop. I watched as the cardboard boxes changed color from sitting in the sun. I also saw the milk stay on the shelves for two months.

So, I had this dream. I dreamt I walked home, the doors were open as they were airing out the store from the spoiled milk.  There was a sign next to the doors that said everything must go. The next thing I know, my roommate comes home, all the living room furniture was in the apartment building hallway and the door opens. I had Mtn Dew cases along every wall stacked to the ceiling. He asked what I did and I said, it was all free, I couldn’t let it sit there any longer.  I woke up soon after that and I wanted to cry, because I had no Mtn Dew in the fridge and my walls weren’t stacked with 12 packs.

Some people drink Mtn Dew, others, like me, live/drink/dream about Mtn Dew. If I could get ITRadio|tourettesradio|Feed This Blog sponsored by Mtn Dew, my dream would come true. When I was managing on the Indy pro-wrestling scene, I wanted Mtn Dew to sponsor me, because it was all I talked/blogged about and drank.  Before my ITRadio shows, if I have one in the fridge, I’ll get a can out, start the show, open the can and drink right next to the microphone. I’ve been told, when I do that, my listeners wish they had a Mtn Dew, JUST BECAUSE I WAS DRINKING IT BEHIND THE MICROPHONE! Oh well, I may not be a role model, but I can at least want a refreshing beverage.

I do, however, still have the dream of opening the perfect can of Mtn Dew. I wouldn’t dream of the perfect can if I haven’t seen and tasted the perfect can of Dew.  As soon as you pick up the can, you know it’s special. It seems a little heavier then what you’re used to and it’s super cold to the touch and gives you a possible brain freeze.  What makes this Mtn Dew a perfect can is the fact it is heavier and when  you open it, the liquid rises out of the can opening and spreads across the top of the can. IT happens on rare occasions, but tastes amazing!

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