Twitter Updates for 2009-03-30

  • Damn you screen for turning on when I turned on the MacMini! I was going to go back to bed…an hour ago. But noOo YOU MADE ME SURF THE NET! #
  • Before I attempt a nap, I started bouncing down Ep 238 of ITRadio. I listened for a bit and was laughing at me swearing. Is IT wrong to do? #
  • Going to get Bethany and I some grub… and the phucks upstairs are running around in circles above me. #
  • Reformatting an eMac for Bethany’s sister, uploading the newest episode of ITRadio and cruizin’ the net for dumb things #
  • Yesterday we had Earth Hour. When is international twoop and twooping hour? Not one long twoop session, just in that hour you twoop it up! #
  • Billy Madison taught me two things: IT’s cool to pee your pants, but IT’s NOT cool to be emo! #
  • WeirdCookie Wirefly: Testing out @ww3′s SL TweetHud and I’m testing IT here #
  • RT @jenjenfukker RT: @xxabsentxx: Going To The Mall Now! SEND! #
  • I have a headache…and I had a post ready but never hit enter… Just did some tests with @ww3′s TweetHud in SL. Now to start photoshop up. #
  • This is how smart I am… I know my throat is scratchy and I decided to eat some salsa and chips. It’s making forget the scratchyness. #
  • WordPress peoples, please help! I’m using a sticky as my 1st post and my bio/gravitar show up 2x #wordpress #css #

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