I Feed Myself With Taco John’s

.This is the 3rd blog post in a series of 4 where I talk about my love for sushi, Taco John’s, Mtn Dew and hot dogs.

I was going to stream me eating my Tacos John's Nachos Navidad, but Fairly OddParents is new as I drink my Mtn Dew

I guess I could be called spoiled, or I might just be lucky, but growing up in Eau Claire, WI had an advantage.  The advantage I’m talking about is Taco John’s! At any given time, I was 15 minutes from any of the three Taco John’s Eau Claire has. One is on Water Street on the UW-EC campus; the next one is near the high school on the south side of town and one in Oakwood Mall.  Even when I moved to Minnesota, I have lived 15 min away

When did I fall in love Taco John’s is beyond me? What I know I was younger than 10 years of age and I’m not complaining.  I mean, what else is better than their super nachos? Oh yeah, they have Pepsi products and Pepsi makes Mtn Dew!  And yes, I eat at Taco Bell. Sometimes I can’t get to a Taco John’s, but they also have Mtn Dew.

One of the earliest memories of having Taco John’s was at the mall. I remember my mom had something going on in the food court area, 10am hit, I was hungry, my sister and I were given two dollars. I remember this because the tacos we ordered were 95 cents each, plus 10 cents in tax and the total comes to two bucks! Maybe there was some gimmick that made me want it all the time.

My favorite item on the menu, other than the Mtn Dew, would be their super nachos. You can’t go wrong with crispy chips covered in ground beef, refried beans, guacamole, tomatoes, shredded cheese and melted cheese. Oh, and I can’t forget the olives.

I wish I could tell you where exactly I had the best super nachos in a long time, but I know it’s on the just east of the Minnesota/South Dakota border, maybe two or three exits before you reach the border on the way to Sioux Falls, SD. The location of this Taco John’s is about a mile off the highway, but it’s worth it.

This Taco John’s was old school! The inside maybe fit 30 people if they squeezed in to all of the seats, the food/kitchen area was maybe double the size of my apartment kitchen, but best of all old school things, they wrote the order down on tickets and hung them up to make. What I didn’t expect was they loaded me up not once, but twice. Once on the way to SD, once on the way back.

But to finish this post off, I can’t for the life of me remember what their sales pitch was, but in 2002/2003, I swear they had something called “The Taco Challenge.” My friends and I never quite figured out what this challenge was, but we were in Eau Claire on a Friday night. We asked what the challenge was and they didn’t know either, even with a sign on the wall.

Well, we made our own taco challenge that night. We each ordered their Six and A Pound meal. That included six hard or soft-shell tacos and a pound of Taco John’s signature Potato Oles. All we would be able to drink is one medium beverage of our choice, but no refills and we had to eat the tacos and as many Oles in 30-45 min. It was good fun that night!

I still want another taco challenge and it will happen someday… someday! I think I’ll have to take a trip to Sioux Falls and visit Frosty for this challenge!

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  1. Taco John’s is the sex.

    I’m out in Indiana visiting my friend, and one of my first eating experiences here was TJ’s. And of course, we each snagged the six & a pound, with two cheese dippy things each. Ooooh, the artery-clogging goodness. I ate all of it no problem.

    I live in California, near San Diego specifically. There’s LOTS of good Mexican food down there, both sit-down places and the ubiquitous hole-in-the-wall *bertos joints. And while TJ’s has nothing on carne asada fries, it kind of puts Taco Hell to shame on the comfort factor. I’m actually pondering the idea of opening my own store.

  2. Laura

    That’s an awesome Idea for CA, even if it’s your own store. And if it’s your own store, you get to eat for free! I always wanted my parents to have a Taco John’s in their backyard. IT never happened, but that would have been pretty sweet, for sure!


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