Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28

  • IT’s Friday, therefor IT’s not Business Time… About to change and go to work… then the weekend! #
  • The attempt to a productive Friday, at work, starts…. NOW! … ToT #
  • This is some sweet reel-to-reel scratching. @madbeatchemist will love IT #
  • I can’t get this out of my hed or off my G1′s youtube player: IT’s business, IT’s business TIME…. IT’s business, IT’s business TIME! #
  • I’m lazy and twooping where there is full roll of TP rather than having to change the roll!! #twoop #twooping #
  • Hate of Mine 09: Comcast! Refund check printed on 13th, no check received and I’m still getting statement notices, too?!? #
  • Today is Friday and you know what that means? IT means I got paid and I’m going to eat. IT’s sushi, IT’s sushi TTTIIMMEE! #
  • I wish I was a robot with a bijillion eyes! #
  • I’m planning on going live on the XLR later tonight to go through old track/song ideas and see what I could use. I’ll let you know if I do! #
  • Bethany wants to go on a quick date to Stillwater for a salad at Mad Capper and hit up the candy shop. Live Music will be on when I’m back. #
  • About to go live @ and go through old tracks on Ableton Live #
  • Live streaming old tracks I created on Ableton Live – #
  • Watching the season finale of FotConchords and I don’t think Bethany liked waking up to me dancing to the intro… I AM AWESOME! #
  • Going 2 bed…I will sleep when I put the laptop to sleep. Goodnight laptop, you can start doing your flashy gimmick now. #

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