Twitter Updates for 2009-03-27

  • I am so ready to go back to bed… Oh well, another day going to work, but at least today ends with ITRadio and DoucheCast! #
  • I need dental floss. #
  • I want to make one of those cool barcodes that are square with dots and stuff. Not sure what I’d do with one, but they look awesome! #
  • Hate of Mine 09: YYYYAAAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNN … nuff said! #
  • I need an extra set of hands that would be able to create what’s inside my mind rather than failed attempts that the public never sees. #
  • Will I be able to form understandable words and/or sentences tonight when ITRadio is on the air @ 7p? #
  • Skarfin’ down Panera for lunch with a side of MTN DEW (had to capilize it, just because LOT) but will the Dew keep my eyes open? #
  • – Panera sammich and my dew .. nom nom #
  • I had an idea, but I’m not telling any of you my idea, even if you beg, I still won’t tell you what my idea is, because IT’s mine, not y … #
  • I wish someone would take it upon themselves to SM(Y)BU! #
  • Going to shower & then start the pre-show..Tonight’s show is going to be SICK starting @ 7p,then douchecast! #
  • You’ll like IT, You’ll love IT and you won’t be alone, even in the ITRadio PreShow happening now! Show @ 7 #
  • <– The original twooping king! Ain’t no denying that one! #
  • I’m so going to head to the bathroom to do a twooping twoop session before ITRadio starts in 15 min! #
  • I am so twooping now cause I’m a master twooper! #twoop #twooping #
  • ITRadio is L-I-V-E LIVE! Twooping talk will be had (plus the debut of the promo pic!) and DoucheCast after! #
  • Thanks to everyone that tuned in tonight! Podcast will be released on Sunday! Go check out DoucheCast @ 9p CST @ #
  • Retweeting @jenjenfukker: RT: @phattymcbiff: Rooster is awake now you can join us for DoucheCast #
  • I might get a good nights sleep for a change. good night. #

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