Twitter Updates for 2009-03-26

  • They said it couldn’t be done! (don’t ask who because I don’t know or if it was ever said) I’m going to work with socks AND shoes on! #
  • I was listening to the radio and traffic came on. They mentioned where I was driving saying it was stop/go… I was going 60 w/out stopping! #
  • HoM09: Every year IT snows until April, with out fail. So, why are you tripping balls? Because we had some nice weather? Oh and TDA! #
  • “IF you’d like to make call, please hang up and try, try, try again…” Tuned in to ‘Pac Bell’ by (hed) pe right now! #
  • What could be better than a swanton in to the asphalt? I don’t know! Nothing can be better than a swanton in to the asphalt – (hed)p.e #
  • RT @Becky_Petron RT @scotclans: 18yr old paints 60ft penis on roof of parents mansion : ~a year b4 they found out #
  • RT @SuzenJueL i will be doing a live show in 10 Min from now. Do RT my stream and if u listen, say it! Peace :)#
  • Thnx to my G1, I am listened to @JueL ‘s live set while driving to lunch, now i’m back, eating and still listening #
  • Now back to getting my (hed)pe fix on … I’ll be watching them with Mower and other SubNoize artists @ The Rock tonight!! #
  • If I was outside, I would be saying: I’d rater be twooping! Oh wait… I’m not outside and I am twooping! LOT LOT LOT! #
  • Don’t nitpick the shit that matter, nitpick the small stuff; IT’s fun to do and you’ll feel better afterwords! #
  • If I text you telling you to call me, I don’t expect a text back saying ‘word’ if you call 5 min later. JUST CALL ME YA PHUCK #
  • Note2self: Lock your phone in case someone starts playing with IT while you’re getting a Mtn Dew… oh wellz. #
  • “Hey man, let’s go to the dance hall, ba-ba-ba bookah…. Hey DJ find a record and let the music play” (miss and love you belle) #
  • laying down on the heating pad until Blumpkin comes over to hed over to see (hed) pe.I had no hot H2O wheni showered and my back is phucked! #
  • RT @UstreamTV H.264 on Mac through Ustream now available! #
  • Wait, I might backtrack on that retweet… I ain’t paying 500 for h.264, phuck that shit! #
  • Buy this for me: I want Josh Freese, the dude from DEVO & Maynard to leave me on the side of the freeway! #
  • Waiting for Blumpkin and (hed)ing to the (he’d)pe concert… like now… he’s driving so I won’t have to mess my back! No pit for me! #
  • At the (he’d)pe show & blumpkin asks if I’m twittering… nope, pinging while I spot the twooping hoodie. #
  • Dirtball is setting up then I think (he’d) is up… (hed) pe what?!? #
  • he’d is up next… then I’m going to bed!!!! #
  • Up way to late for me… with a phucked up back and I’m going to bed now! Will there be one more ping? ITRadio is on the air in 19 hours! #

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