Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

  • Up early… leaving soon … Lucy is phuckin’ nutz this morning… and I’d rather be dreaming that I’d rather be twooping! #
  • IT’s twoop-tastic Tuesday! #twoop #twooping #
  • HateOfMine09 – You don’t have a life and and when and where do you get off thinking your life is so phucking better than anyone elses? #
  • Yay for short days… SUCKERS, but I still have to wait until 2 before I can leave… but still… SUCKERS! #
  • I just entered to win an Acer netbook – follow @MichelleM and retweet to enter too! #
  • TDA are stoopid. #
  • I think my retro heating pad is working… leaving in 20 min. I hope the car ride doesn’t suck. Damn you cow gods that control the weather! #
  • Damn IT… I’m going to see (hed) PE tomorrow night and I’ll miss watching Life On Mars when it’s on, but I have DV-R, butt still! #
  • Slow driver in the lanes. When it rains it’s slower. and lots of things. We’re actually going (?). Yes people s… #
  • ReTweet @brandonmoser @trent_reznor still no word on a show in the Twin Cities (Minnesota)? #
  • IT took forever, but I have kicked Lacey’s ass and her ass is once again mine! A big Ha, mwhaha, HA to you Wang Breath! #
  • Twooping for the 1 billionth time today… What the phuck did I eat? It really is a twooptastic Tuesday except for the TDAs! #
  • Word to my peeps… I got the skillz others can’t touch. Not sure what the skillz are, but they must be awesome if people can’t touch em! #
  • I’m Born2Ride Down4Life… Seeing (hed)PE tomorrow night @ The Rock in Maplewood!!!! Can’t wait to see them again! #
  • I’m going to bed now, right now… ok, now? Ok, going to bed, but that doesn’t mean I’ll ping when I’m still laying there. #
  • I just put my socks on, they were on my shoulder for 30 min…well, I put one on and didn’t put the other one until 10 min after the 1st one #

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