Twitter Updates for 2009-03-24

  • I just tried myself a Butterfinger Buzz… IT contains as much caffeine as the leading energy drink… We’ll see about that! #
  • I’m going to write the 2nd entry in regards to the foods drink that I love& thinking I’ll write about Taco Johns tonight. #
  • Nevermind. Tonight I’ll be writing about my love for gas station hot dogs. I forgot I was going in reverse order on when I started likin … #
  • Hate of Mine 09: My car was dirty, so I had a car wash on Friday, then rained 3 hours later, then it rained again today. Oh wellz I gues … #
  • Today’s lunchtime beverage is brought to you by the great Pepsi Cola Company for producing the Mtn Dew that I am enjoying right now! #
  • The “limited edition” Butterfinger Buzz bar that’s supposed to be like an energy drink is far from that. Where is my extra energy, huh? #
  • Going on a drive w/B, then to get some grub… And as I type this, corn twoop going on! #
  • What the phuck?!? Prison Break’s last episodes of the series is airing on Fridays coming up. Fox = Jerkfaces (Like you didn’t know) #
  • I will never refer to twooping, twoop or twooped with a ‘t’ at the end! #
  • Before I do any work, I just need to keep my ratings up… so here goes… shit! #
  • I am thinking about hot dogs at the moment & the history (and urban legends) we’ve had. By the way, I light matches before I twoop at home #
  • ReTweeting @phattymcbiff Bag Of Oranges is GOOOOO! Join us at #
  • Just put a new screen protector on the G1 and for the first time, I didn’t get bubbles or have to reapply! Go me?!?!! #
  • We’ll be right back after these messages from Binford. Good night. #

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