I Feed Myself With Kwik Trip Hot Dogs

.This is the 2nd blog post in a series of 4 where I talk about my love for sushi, Taco John’s, Mtn Dew and hot dogs.IMAGE_138


I love hot dogs (or the way I say IT: hut dogs), but not just any kind of hot dogs. I love the hot dogs that used to be 3 for $1 rotisserie style hot dogs from Kwik Trip gas stations in WI.  I loved these hot dogs and once I moved to Minnesota, the only times I would have them would be on road trips. There are Kwik Trips in Minnesota, but IT’s not the same and they’re not close to where I live. During my Indy Pro-Wrestling days, I had created an urban legend with my obsession with Mtn Dew and the Kwik Trip Hot Dogs. The only thing about the urban legend stories, were the fact they were real.

I didn’t start eating the Kwik Trip hot dogs until 1999 when a friend showed me the “rock star breakfast/lunch/dinner.” I would eat them as often as I would eat Taco John’s while still living in Wisconsin.  The hot dogs were just regular Oscar Mayer wieners that Kwik Trip sold in their store.  What drew me to them? I don’t know, but I had to have them any time I would go to a Kwik Trip. IT was my obsession at the time and I don’t even know if the word obsession is a strong enough word to  describe my need to have them.

I moved to Minnesota in 2000 and that was also the same time I was involved with an Indy Pro-Wrestling federation that did the majority of their shows in Wisconsin and many of them were in my hometown of Eau Claire. So, I would be traveling around Wisconsin at least two or three times a month and every weekend I would have Kwik Trip hot dogs.  In fact, I’ve eaten at almost every Kwik Trip that Eau Claire and surrounding cities had. Even to this day, if a new Kwik Trip opens, I have to have the hot dogs, no if, ands or buts!

I made it part of my Weird Cookie (my wrestling name) gimmick, which wasn’t a gimmick at all. I have a LiveJournal that I would update throughout the week in between school and the wrestling shows. I would talk about the stupid road trip stories that Horace the Psychopath, Rain and I would have and the trips to Kwik Trip. And it never was just hot dogs alone, there would be the Mtn Dew that would be talked about, too.

I don’t know what kind of influence I had, but I had instant messages from fans turned friends that said they had Kwik Trip hot dogs for dinner, including a Mtn Dew to drink. IT would be one thing for them to have it for dinner, but they felt the need to tell me.

This was also the time my metabolism was going crazy! There was one weekend I had to stop at my parent’s house and pick something up. For whatever reason, I raided the fridge out of habit and they had an almost whole pizza and they let me take it.  From my parents place, we drove to the nearest Kwik Trip that was 5 min away. By the time we parked, I ate half of what was left of the pizza when I got it.  We went in to the Kwik Trip, purchased my hot dogs and some junk food and waited for the others to pay.  When I made it to the car, I hit up the trash can to throw away the hot dog tray gimmick. I ate all the hot dogs while waiting.   After that, finished the rest of the pizza, my junk food and I was still hungry.

Recently, I met up with my family at a Kwik Trip in between Minneapolis and Eau Claire.  After my dad gave me whatever I needed to pick up from him, I had to run inside to use the bathroom. Not sure why, but he and my sister waited until I came back out to leave. During that time, my dad turned to my sister and asked if I was buying hot dogs.  She said, probably.  Sure enough, I walked out with my 3 for now $1.39 Kwik Trip hot dogs. I can’t NOT do IT. IT’s not a gimmick, IT’s real.

I love my Kwik Trip hot dogs, no matter what the price, I’ll get my hot dogs even though I have been slacking and either getting chicken and Swiss cheese sandwiches or just the jumbo dog, but rarely will I get hot dogs from any other gas station, because IT’s not the same to me. I need them from Kwik Trip or I won’t get them.

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  1. GraemesHotSis says:

    anytime you’re around we wonder if you’re going to kwik trip….and we usually see you with a Buddy cup when you walk in the house!!

  2. Those puppies were 3 for $1 when I worked there about 12 years ago. Then again, I distinctly remember Camel cigs being $2.02 at the same time. *cue Archie & Edith Bunker singing “Those Were the Days”*

    I have no idea what makes them so special. Maybe their delicious sweatyness after some spins on the roller grill? That roller grill is pretty sweet!

  3. I have said the same thing about the roller grill, too! BBQin’ them isn’t the same by any means, and even boiling them does make them taste the same way.

    How often did they clean the rollers. Maybe that’s the secret!?! Did they let you change or clean the rollers? If you didn’t, maybe they were hiding something from you!

  4. And what’s in that buddy cup? That’s right! Mtn Dew!

    IT’s a given now coming to EC. I take 94 to 128 and make my Kwik Stop for my Kwik Trip. We might be coming over this weekend, I’ll make sure to take pictures this time!

    And the next two blogs are going to be hard to choose which one comes first. I wanted to go with what I’ve loved the shortest to longest and we know Taco Johns has been around longer than Mtn Dew. But then this question comes up: which one do I love more and should that one be last?!? I could combine the two, but we both know one of them has delicious memories starting at 5:30 am.

  5. We cleaned the roller grill daily. Wipe with hot soapy water, then with clean hot water. I burned my arm SO MANY TIMES reaching across that thing.

    I wonder how often they replace the rollers. Is the same roller grill still at my old KT 12 years later? I don’t know if I want to know the answer to that!

    And I feel that I should mention that I worked at a Kwik Trip at an intersection of two highways in the middle of nowhere. And kitty-corner across the intersection…was another Kwik Trip.


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