Twitter Updates for 2009-03-19

  • OUCH… PHUCK-N-A… my microwavable chicken meal is as hot as some dude selling a Macbook Pro downtown at 11p. #
  • All ITRadio | TourettesRadio | FTB sites are down…moving servers within our host company Dreamhost. Hopefully this makes things go faster! #
  • @phattymcbiff WTF… I said the sites are down… and like you ever went to my sites unless I told you! haha in reply to phattymcbiff #
  • If Sam Tyler from Life on Mars had a cellphone & Twitter in 1973, would he have tried twooPING? #
  • @HeatFan did you know the dude who plays Sam Tyler in the US LOMars is Irish w/an accent. He pulls a House/Hugh Laurie #
  • I was able to catch the cat burglar on camera. 2nd time I thought she’d start, she fell asleep on the chair… Now I’m watching Live On Mars #
  • If I was a chick, I could walk down the street, pull my underwears & have my friend ask if I just did what I did, then show me her Hanes! #
  • Amazing & bizarre: Outfitting sheep with lights & herding them in patterns to make real-life SHEEP PONG: – via @drummermoe #

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