Twitter Updates for 2009-03-16

  • – Bathroom shoes is now twooping shoes!! #
  • @studiozeroseven I tried starting as an anti-emo profile pic alternative. IT may be easier with Twitter?!? #
  • Opt-out of Goggles cookie tracker w/a Firefox opt-out plug-in! #
  • Lucy is on an attacking rampage…wait, she quit so she could eat. Maybe she’ll take a nap now! Oh, and cleaned up Goober puke off the couch #
  • Sometimes, I think of a tweet, but forget to really tweet IT. Then I have to look at my last tweets to see if I did send IT or not. #
  • Tuned in to (an interview with) Tricky on Q TV Check IT #
  • I was just about to put the iTunes info on the newest episode of ITRadio, and I forgot to turn warping off during the intro. IT’s super slow #
  • Second bouncing the new episode to MP3… happening RIGHT THIS PHUCKING SECOND! Sorry, I thought IT was to quite around here. #
  • @DJ48 I’ve seen it come up when I search for Feed This Blog, but just from the looks of, IT’s like WP’s twitter plugin, but IT has! #
  • @directv Are you sure it’s channel 101? I just checked and it was Simply Red & now it’s Tom Jones. #
  • I hope I have enough juice left in my shaver or I’ll be walking around like Hugh Morris. #
  • I ruined my shaving experience in the shower after the last msg. As soon as I turned on my razor and started shaving, IT was out of power. #
  • @katemix those palm trees are fake. you’re looking at a blue screen! #
  • Fans of ITRadio, do you want more Rev. Blumpkin session readings? I have a few that are un-released. Let me know. #
  • I need to… wait, I just sneezed. #
  • I’ve figured out in the last week on why I don’t want to/won’t be tan (and that includes being sun burnt), BUT I’m not going to tell you! #
  • I just heard this from Bethany who’s in the bedroom watching TV: “You’ll love my nuts” … About to watch the Simpsons then more work to do. #
  • Bitchin’ !! I just found out that Twhirl saves search words and look/search for them all the time w/out you requesting IT & lets you know. #
  • Just caught the cat burglar in action… again. This time, feminine products. Maybe Lucy is mad IT’s been a year sense she was fixed. #
  • Listening to ITRadio Ep 236 in SL in Goldbar’s new tourbus! #
  • Taking the trip to dreamy dream land… night peoples! A new week of Hate of Mine 09 starts tomorrow! #

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