Twitter Updates for 2009-03-15

  • I’m up, just got otta the shower. What to do and where to start. phuck… #
  • After I put food in the heater up microwave gimmick, I’m brought blueberry pancakes… I’m going to eat the microwavable gimmick first. #
  • – About to try Amp’s ‘Lightning’… #
  • Off to Target I go… I’m going to get milk to go with my Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, cat food (not for me, but pussys!) and broom gimmick. #
  • I said I am going to Target, but I’d rather be twooping! #
  • Waiting for my StarFucks double chocolaty chip drink gimmick. If you havn’t figured IT out, gimmick is the word of the day…. ahhhhhhhhhh!! #
  • – Ssssoooo tired! #
  • About to head to Stillwater,MN for dinner with Bethany. Maybe when I get back I’ll get something done today! #
  • – At the Mad Capper #
  • We have the window seat at Mad Cappers in Downtown Stillwater for some burgers. Just saw a chick in a sleeveless dress in 40 degree weather. #
  • @bassybob what dropdown thing? in reply to bassybob #
  • @bassybob on my twitter page? I don’t know in reply to bassybob #
  • – Dinner is served, nom nom nom #
  • @jenjenfukker gimmie his @ , Now BC in reply to jenjenfukker #
  • Bethany: I’m due for a big poop. Me: if you had a Twitter, you could twoop… we’re turning IT in to a rap. #
  • @loquaciousapps kewl kewl. I’ll have to check that out when it’s released! in reply to loquaciousapps #
  • @bassybob sorry, I didn’t get a chance to see that pic until now. IT looks like it’s because you use power twitter. i’m downloading it now! in reply to bassybob #
  • Lucy has been going “i want love” nutz…. and now my shorts are covered in cat fur! #
  • @wefollow #twoop #twooping #twooped #
  • The burger still tastes great coming up… and I think I’m going to attempt for an all day productive Sunday… I hope! #
  • RT @rob_sheridan This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time: – it must have taken FOREVER to make. Via … #
  • I forgot Lucy attacked my arm tonight and I should try turning the lights on sometimes. IT’s amazing what you don’t see w/them turned off. #

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