Twitter Updates for 2009-03-14

  • HoM09: Friday the 13th is only bad if you make it bad. 1st thing was a complaint about today and how it was going to be bad… #
  • I was on a phucking roll… and now the system is down… the system is down… down down down… ba ba bada ba bada ba ba dooooooooo #
  • I’m taking possible suggestions/ideas to do tonight for a live stream w/ITRadio/XLR on Friday the 13th. Lemmie know, kthnx #
  • BTW, thnkz everyone that contributed to the “would you rather” questions. I think we’ll try it again sometime! #
  • RT @HolmesWasHere What’s the world coming to if I can’t believe in Chuck Norris? #
  • Just picked up sooshi fish from Golden Wol in Bloomington. Lost in translation for my order. I said T9 and she thought I said G9. oh wellz. #
  • One of my sooshi fish fortunes: You should enhance your feminine side at this time (in bed)! #
  • @JueL I will be listening again (I did the other day, too) via Shoutcast! #
  • RT @JueL if you want to TUNE into the stream for the Lunch/Acoustic Happy Hour it’s RP until I begin in10 min! #
  • Listening to @JueL Lunch/Acoustic Happy Hour it’s Check IT out! #
  • @kareemy Congrats! you should enter a slam dunk contest. Even if they don’t have one, steal a ball and slam dunk IT anyway! #
  • @JueL I am eating Edamame (steam soy bean) and I have sooshi fish in the fridge for later. #
  • @JavaJunky Kill you like the painting in the “I Feel Sick” comics by @JhonenV ? (I think that’s his Twitter S/N) #
  • Now I’m going to write snail mail to patients. Letters that they’ll never respond to… oh joy… I’d rather be twooping! #
  • I’d rather be twooping… Oh shit (pun intended) I am. #
  • If I die while twooping and I sent the message, at least it narrows down where you need to look! #
  • @kareemy Yay for #twooping (BTW, I created @twoop & @twooping after the Great Waters Tweetup! no one is stealing my shit! #
  • When I do a spellcheck on e-mail pings, twoop & twooping are no longer mis-spelled words! How cool is that?!? I AM AWESOME!! #
  • @JavaJunky Here is a link for info on I Feel Sick From the guy who created Invader Zim in reply to JavaJunky #
  • @JavaJunky Your comment about the art project that won’t die is the little robot thing in the picture. She painted it and it came to life in reply to JavaJunky #
  • I’m going to finish my sooshi and start up the live feed I think. Might try creating a song with the “If I Only Had a Brain” bass line… #
  • I’m testing the tethering on the G1 at the moment @ for the next little bit (IT’s 6:34p CST) #
  • I would like to say thank you to @jenjenfukker for acknowledging the fact she will be pooping or possibly twooping her baby soon! #
  • I’m quitting today in 10 min and restarting today with today’s today turning in to yesterday. IT works, trust me! #
  • My @dreamhost server change will be soon. Not that I need it, but it also unlimited bandwidth & storage & hopefully no more blog lags! #

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