Twitter Updates for 2009-03-09

  • I feel like I missed an hour of my life… and I can’t even say I slept through IT or anything. #
  • Twooping after going to Best Buy and exchanging the Toshiba we had w/color issues for an LG with a rotating base. Looks better already #
  • Attempting to upload the @emojesus video to If IT doesn’t work, straight to YouTube IT goes. New Ep. coming soon, too! #
  • @treznor Cover Alan Parsons Project’s “TIME.” in reply to treznor #
  • – No bother me.. I sleepy #
  • Daylight Savings Twoop #2 (haha, I said #2) #
  • Any rooted G1 users download JF Updater & installed JF RC33 v.1.42 US? I can’t find any specs on updates #G1 #android #dream #
  • I’ve uploaded the new episode 3 times now because I keep changing things. Show should be released in about 10 min! #
  • SLAP CHOP COMMERCIAL! “You’re gonna love my nuts… kids can do IT” IT never gets old. #
  • @pita13 i like turtles #
  • Wow… I’m downloading podcasts for the first time in forever and this weekend, I actually got some more work done… for a change #
  • @jeremyosborne81 Are you telling us something? Did you have a girl in bed while you did the Tarzan yell? What a dumb ass you are! #

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