Twitter Updates for 2009-03-08

  • – Lucy’s fav bathroom activity! #
  • Top of the morning to ya’ll! Sitting here… trying to get eye boogers out of my eyes and start working on my shiznat! #
  • @stuiozeroseven Nadda, sitting at my desk, youngest cat is trying to get my attention. You should look for fabric coupons in the paper! #
  • @beerbear Morning to you as well! have fun working the work thang today #
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an anal procrastinator with A.D.D! #
  • @markhoppus you’re on a mother fucking boat! #
  • Working on tings (or am I procrastinating… again…) Then heading to MPLS for the #msptweetup w/Southwest Air #
  • @JavaJunky good choice! #
  • I know I don’t know a lot of people going to #msptweetup and I just become motivated to do web work again. (took long enough) Should I go?!? #
  • @kareemy & @amanjo what happened to all of us? Stay up and out for hours when we were younger. now we just… do. haha #
  • @JavaJunky What rolls did you make? #
  • OS X Quicktime users, question: I’m trying to use Flip4Mac w/AVI files on my MacMini, but won’t work, but will work on the MBPro?!? help! #
  • I need to remember to set the non-daylight savings time able clocks an hour ahead…I hate doing that when the power goes out and now again? #
  • Retweeting @madbeatchemist: Mad Beat Factory #
  • @HeatFan I think @Haunted_Girl meant to to say “I’m jumping up and down! It’s snowing! Jump ON me! or Jump IN me! LOT #
  • @amanjo I didn’t go. I finally started getting in to the mindset of working on things at about 6 and didn’t want to stop. =( #
  • They make products to remove unwanted hair. Well, can I have a product that removes finger nails or stops them from growing? #

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