This post is useless now!

In honor of The Prodigy’s new album, Invaders Must Die, I was going to post two videos I came across in the past week of Keith Flint backstage.

But the day the album finally is released in the United States, I can’t find the videos. I went through my YouTube history as well as my browsers history. I just watched these videos in the last three days and I can’t find them. I did come across one link, but the video had been deleted. IT was probably the link I’m looking for, too.

If you’ve known me for a while, you’d know I’m a huge fan of The Prodigy and I’ve had the jack no-hawk (double mohawk) during my Indy Pro-Wrestling days and I’ve been looking for a yellow “Dirty Dozen” t-shirt, forever. Well anyway, one video was Keith sitting backstage and he yells “FUCK… FFFUUUCCCKK…. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK.”  I was going to say this is how I test the levels before ITRadio goes live. I could say check 1-2-3, but I say “phuck phuck phuck”

I’d go on about the other video, but because I can’t find that one either, so I won’t go in to that video.

Like I said, this post was useless, but I wanted to make a post, so here IT is

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