Updating from under the covers, kinda.

This is a test and only a test.

I’m under the covers on a bright Sunday morning. The fan is on because I can’t sleep, or work, if a fan isn’t on. However, when I’m at home working, I don’t need a fan on, unless IT’s warm in my studio/computer room.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I’m sitting up with the covers off of my head. There are two reasons for this! I was over being cold and IT’s hard typing on the phone to do an update when the covers are messing up my ability to type.

This is the first blog update I’ve done on my Android G1. I’m using an app/program called PostBot. A couple things that need changing for PostBot: IT needs automatic punctuation and automatic capitalization when typing ‘I’ or the start of a new sentence. A spell checker could be handy, too.

Being up for an hour after sleeping for six really takes a toll on your body. I’m going back to dream land.

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  1. sweet dreams!


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