Twitter Updates for 2009-02-28

  • My toothbrush color is pink! Yup, that’s right! IT’s pink. So there! #
  • – Pussy Patrol! Don’t phuck with her! #
  • The question keeps coming up on how long IT took me to get home last night. I don’t know, but I was out of ice cream 20 min before home. #
  • @BeerBear she hooked you up with a vacation… so you’re vacation is in the fridges at her work? #
  • @BeerBear yes, Twitpic is slow. It was yesterday too when I was sending all my pics yesterday with all the snow. #
  • If you want a good G1/Android site, check out @androidtapp’s They also have a link to the 25 best Android sites, too! #
  • HateOfMine’09: I don’t give out my last name and I don’t give out the last initial at work. Don’t fight the fact I’m not giving it out! #
  • @HeatFan stop being @conwoman3 ‘s Cuban bitch! Tell her to make her own tweets under her own name… and make a sammich for you #
  • @HeatFan no wonder she’s sick… you need to let her breath once in a while! #
  • IT’s nice when people who are crabasses or come across as such take time to say thanks, then turn around to someone else going crabass again #
  • @Pita13 Exactly. IT’s always nice to have them turn over the crabass tree… must have had a good night of drinking yesterday! #
  • @shozo does Shozu via MMS/e-mail from phones hate .gif files? Whenever I send them, I get non-existent pictures! #
  • @BeerBear HP stands for highly problematic. #
  • @studiozeroseven Sweet! Have fun buildin! #
  • G1/Android users, have you had any issues synching your contacts? Everything else syncs, except my contacts #Android #
  • Cruizin’ around looking at wallpapers sized correctly for the Android/G1 phones #android #
  • Every time a tweeter twoops, a monkey lays an egg… if there were more twooping twoopers we’d have more monkey eggs! Get a twooping people! #
  • I would have taken a picture of my co-workers puppy her BF brought in… but i can’t get near it due to “awwwwwwww” going on #
  • @studiozeroseven I think you might want to rethink that studio. There is a huge hole where a wall should be! LOL #
  • @studiozeroseven I forgot to ask you Monday at the TweetUp… where did you go to school for audio? #
  • Name the demo track that has: I sat around and thought about the things we used to do, IT really meant a lot to me, you mean a lot to me… #
  • I forgot my phone in my car tonight…I felt so… limited & had to converse w/Bethany’s family members while hanging at her rents place! #
  • Again, I see a DVD ad on DirecTV I never saw on cable… Ace Ventura Jr. Pet Detective? What the fuck? #
  • I’m going to try and remember to watch Happy Gilmore tomorrow night. The price is wrong … bitch! #

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