Twitter Updates for 2009-02-23

  • How many times do you take a shower in 24hrs? I’m about to have shower 2 out of 3! I need to be clean to sit in front of the CPU all day! #
  • @studiozeroseven I hope to come! I was/am looking forward to it. I’m not sure when the new install date is. might be today, tmrw or tues #
  • Shower time is over. Now I need to buckle down on ITRadio’s new episode, cut down 1 video in to 4 and work on a website. Busy I will be! #
  • Listening to @JueL ‘s live acoustic show in SL. Join me @ LR #13 #
  • @studiozeroseven You best be there tomorrow night, lol. I just pushed my new installation date to Tuesday just for #msptweetup #
  • Just had a call from the Twincy @DirecTV and my new install date is Tuesday at 2:30. I will sit on the stairs and wait & watch if I have to! #
  • RT:Tell your Mpls/StP friends 2 follow @msptweetup & come to Great Waters Brewing Co. Monday from 5-8 for free apps/cheap drinks #msptweetup #
  • @studiozeroseven Just listened 2 @JueL’s performance and mentioned you & the @msptweet up! Now I have 2 people to meet for sure! #msptweetup #
  • @katemix LOT #
  • Productive day so far. Videos have been worked on, New ITRadio episode is ready for upload, still need to do another video and DirecTV Tues! #
  • Next in the car wash, then to BK and I’ll go back to being productive… for once! #
  • Wondering what happens at Tweetups. Are they like SocialMedia Breaksfast (whick I’ve never attended yet) but excited to meet ppl! #msptw#
  • @jeremyosborne81 Christophrer Daniels is good and all, but he doesn’t have the dance moves like Cury Man (yes, I know videos are out there) in reply to jeremyosborne81 #
  • – Lucy watching me twoop (and smell?) #
  • The best Cops clip is on TruTV.. the 2 roommates who are piss drunk and one wants to be a singer and some black dude was laying in hiis bed. #
  • @studiozeroseven This is the lamest joke I can think of right now. When @msptweetup says Free Apps, is that for the G1 & iPhone? #msptweetup #
  • Just finished watching (because IT never get’s old) the Fresh Pork and Beans of Bel Air MASHUP – #
  • @jeremeyosborne81 looks a lot like LOT #
  • is live! | Feed This Blog_Vid1 – and the welcome YouTube Video – #
  • Damn IT, I wish I had bought a/my “I’d rather be twooping” hoodie for tomorrow’s TweetUp! #msptweetup #
  • Watching YouTube videos, thinking of podcasts I should download. YES PODCASTS! Going to sleep soon, then work, then #msptweetup #

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