Twitter Updates for 2009-02-21

  • RT @HeatFan Watching: “YouTube – MBC cam sleeper” LOT!!!! ( ) #
  • @msptweetup I am planning on going. And I’ll have the DV-R recording, hopefully, lol. #
  • @BeerBear I’m glad he made it through the first night, sick or not! #
  • Looking forward to this weekend. Hopefully DirectTV works out. We need to go shopping and I have videos to edit and websites to edit! #
  • HOM’09 Don’t compare me to you because you didn’t wear enough clothing when I’m wearing shorts, because I’d be wearing shorts anyway. #
  • @jenjenfukker LMFTO! If you’re that bored while getting Twisted to tweet, then you have some serious sexual problems! #
  • Where is IT at? Tell me where IT’s at. #
  • Friday twoops plop in the weekends! Pool party for the kiddies! #
  • @jenjenfukker I think you will like it. Only one track has an ‘outside’ artist…Take Me To The H.O.S.P.I.T.A.L #
  • Oh, the trasty taste of Yellow #5 in my Mtn Dew and foods/snacks I enjoy consuming. If Yellow #5 was banned, what would people do?!? #
  • @studiozeroseven Ewwww… the App Store is full of $$ apps now… I hope they create a free section vs. paid! #
  • @studiozeroseven And are you still thinking of going Monday night to the #msptweetup ? #
  • @jenjenfukker best part of the entire fucken album is at the end where someone asks Liam where the horn noize is.. bwwwwoooopppp #
  • @studiozeroseven same here on the $$ front, but I still want to attempt to meet people. I need to get my Social Media ball rolling! #
  • @jenjenfukker bonus tracks? Damn the torrent! At the very end of Warrior Dance there should be some talking. maybe I’m lucky/unlucky #
  • @jenjenfukker send me send me send me! #
  • @studiozeroseven Ayden looks proud of his doings, hehe in reply to studiozeroseven #
  • Heading to Coon Rapids area to go to Wallymart and buy stuffs! #
  • Just had a Myspace message from a friend, former wrestling manager and someone I looked up to in the radio/DJ world ask to be on ITRadio! #
  • @sborsch Peeps = yuck… marshmallows=yuck, yet i’ll eat Rice Krispie bars. in reply to sborsch #
  • Going to sleep and hope that the DirectTV dude or dudette shows up earlier than later. I’m gonna be pissed if it doesn’t work out again! #

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