Twitter Updates for 2009-02-19

  • I so need the Christian Bale soundboard. I could just say it, but “What don’t you fucken understand” sounds better from Bale! #
  • TwooPING on the non-piss covered seat twoop room. I should have gone outside. it’d be cold, but cleaner! #
  • I hope the manager at the Edina,MN Taco Bell gets manager awards! He has to be one of the coolest, nicest TB managers I’ve seen/met. #
  • @studiozeroseven I’m going to try and make it to the @msptweetup. I’ll have to bite the bullet and DV-R House and 24, LOT #
  • @HeatFan He’s taking a break, not retiring. IT’ll give him a major chance to work on non NIN type stuff, but also the Year Zero TV show! #
  • @HeatFan at least he isn’t saying NIN is breaking up, because, that’d sound super silly for a 1 man band (minus the touring artists) #
  • @HeatFan the “long break” he’s talked about before over the years. head over to NIN will go away 4 a bit, not Rez #
  • HOM’09: Stop requesting ideas for my work’s system upgrade that are impossible because you can’t use the scroll gimmick on your mouse. #
  • Hellz to the yeah! I’m so very very very very very close to my 4(h)6(o)6(m)6(o)’th tweet! Bow down bitches, bow down! LOT #
  • This just in, Bethany called me before her dentist appointment and somehow our toilet over flowed and all she did was go #1! #
  • This is a huge moment in my twitter career for I this very tweet is my 4666th tweet! IT’s just like the last 4 #’s of my phone # LOT! #
  • Wow… that picture tweet just sucked major donkey! #
  • – The beast lives in my tweets (I hope this works) #
  • @phattymcbiff Uhh… i thought you loved me! ToT … IT could be worse, I could be like @DJthatguy48 w/Up and at IT! I’m just sayin… #
  • @jenjenfukker I sowwy. I was one of them for 2 months… i quit/let go because I sounded like a con-artist and no one would buy from me #
  • As I sit here I’m watching a empty box cross the street and thd qas making it move while the walk light was on. that box is as good as dead #
  • (?). So there’s this house near my place that they had one of the old school box (zion?) xps and they just got … #
  • From @jackbauer’s Twitter bio: “If everyone listened to my instructions, it’d be called ’12′” #
  • RT: Follow @msptweetup for the latest in tweetups and meetups in the MPLS & St. Paul Area #msptweetup. Tell your friends, they deserve it. #
  • If I’m twoPING right now, who is taking care of that gimmick that needs taking care of. twooPING time is over. let twiPING happen now! #
  • Fan or not, Beastie Boys website for Paul’s Boutique only has one way to describe it: fucking amazing #
  • ReTweet: so if you google beanerschnitzel you will see douchecast sitting proudly on the front page lol *lets make it #1, click their links! #
  • •note2self• 2morrow will start like every other day, hoping i make IT 30 secs longer than the day b4 wishing my left ear was like my right! #

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